Comprehensive patient data at your fingertips.


Our application provides a comprehensive perspective on the patient over time to the oncologist, pulling in data and findings from multiple sources.

comprehensive patient data at your fingertips

Genomic information in clinical context is a need in today’s oncology practice. Unify the patient picture with IntelliSpace Genomics.

Access actionable information up-front


Focus on patient care. Get to actionable information faster. IntelliSpace Genomics delivers prioritized therapy and clinical trial matching with intuitive interfaces created by Philips’ award-winning design team.

Integrate patient data using one application


Every patient is unique. It takes time and effort to gather relevant information from various sources. Our integrative platform brings a variety of patient data to your fingertips including radiology, pathology and genomic data.

Understand your practice data


Practice data can offer valuable insight. Deep learning on de-identified patient data, treatments and outcomes can help you understand visualize and understand your own data in new ways. Our integrated discovery framework provides you with tools to understand your practice data.

Collaborate with your colleagues


Cancer genomics is evolving. New evidence for targeted therapies is being generated every day. IntelliSpace Genomics offers a collaboration workflow that allows the oncologist to correspond with pathologists and other oncologists in the patient's context.

Molecular data in a clinical context allows oncologists to make better diagnostic decisions


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