VesselNavigator Intuitive 3D guidance


Intuitive 3D guidance

VesselNavigator allows reuse of 3D vascular anatomical information from existing CTA and MRA datasets as a 3D roadmap overlay on a live X-ray image. With its excellent visualization, VesselNavigator provides an intuitive and continuous 3D roadmap to guide you through vasculature during the entire procedure.



Step 1: One-click vessel segmentation


Select vessels for overlay.



Step 2: Ring markers                                           


For indicating ostia and landing zone.



Step 3a: Image fusion                         


Fuse CT/MR dataset with 2D images



Step 3b: Image fusion                     


Fuse CT/MR dataset with 3D images



Step 4: Choice of volume rendering visualizations


Start using live 3D image guidance




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