The   evolution   of

premium ultrasound

The science of ultrasound continues to evolve with technical innovations that work together to elevate image quality and help you achieve unprecedented levels of clinical performance. Philips EPIQ is the new direction for premium ultrasound, and with Evolution 2.0, our first major upgrade, we’ve set a new benchmark, so you can diagnose with confidence – and without compromise.

General imaging


Unprecedented advances in premium ultrasound performance can help address the strains on overburdened hospitals and healthcare systems, which are continually being challenged to provide a higher quality of care cost-effectively. The goal is quick and accurate diagnosis the first time and in less time.


Premium ultrasound users today demand improved clinical information from each scan, and faster and more consistent exams that are easier to perform and allow for a high level of confidence, even for technically difficult patients.


Philips EPIQ ultrasound system, with the Evolution 2.0 upgrade, is the new direction for premium ultrasound, featuring an exceptional level of clinical performance to meet the challenges of today’s most demanding practices.

Experience the evolution

Image quality


Take image quality to a level never before possible with our nSIGHT Imaging architecture and related technology advances.




Fusion Auto Registration


Perform the challenging task of aligning a CT scan to an ultrasound exam – in less than one minute.





Technically difficult patients


PureWave offers extraordinary levels of detail and contrast resolution with exceptional penetration at higher frequencies, even on your largest patients.




Exceptional transducers


xMATRIX technology allows you to see more clearly, explore more fully and resolve more thoroughly.




Superb clinical definition


nSIGHT Imaging architecture is a new approach to creating ultrasound images without compromise.




Liver assessment made easy


Obtaining liver stiffness measurements with Philips shear wave elastography is fast and easy even on difficult-to-image patients.






See superb low velocity flow with minimal artifacts at a high frame rate



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