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ACC.17, March 17 – 19
Booth #1024, Washington Convention Center, Washington DC

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Together, we are changing the way care is delivered and improving the quality of life for patients with cardiovascular diseases.

We understand the challenges you face in bringing to life a cost-effective care delivery ecosystem – matching your resources to the changing needs of your patient populations, transitioning patients to the right care settings and building sustainable clinical networks across your enterprise.


Philips is focusing on developing innovative solutions based on our strengths in prehospital and diagnostic ECG, diagnostic imaging, image-guided interventions and treatment, patient monitoring and informatics that will help provide:


  • coordinated, continuous and collaborative care delivery,
  • individualized treatment – understanding the disease and managing associated co-morbidities,
  • enhanced patient and caregiver satisfaction,
  • easier adoption of new technologies, procedures and processes.

Join us at booth #1024, as we introduce Azurion, a next-generation image guided therapy platform.


Stop by the booth for a hands-on demonstration of Azurion’s capabilities, designed to help you optimize your lab performance and deliver superior care. With this latest Philips innovation in image guided therapy, we reinforce our commitment to you and your patients. Our goal is to help you effectively meet today’s challenges and ensure that you are ready for the future.


Philips Cardiology Talks

Highlights from our ACC booth

Featured technologies:


Image Guided Therapy: brings together leading technologies from Philips interventional X-ray and Volcano intravascular imaging and sensing, creating a single integrated solution. Image Stream Medical enables integrated audio/video and data management solutions within the interventional room and across the enterprise.  With our Live Image Guidance we are creating a better experience and providing greater insight, delivering relevant clinical value where it’s needed most – at the point of patient treatment.


Ultrasound: EPIQ Evolution 3.0 combines our most advanced Live 3D echo solutions with workflow simplicity. From a new Live 3D TEE to our highest imaging volumes in 3D echo with premier image quality—the future of care in cardiology is here. The new X8-2t transducer brings you the next generation of Live 3D TEE, with an improved acoustic design that is meant to work optimally with the imaging technology of EPIQ nSIGHT imaging. 


Healthcare Informatics:  IntelliSpace Cardiovascular offers a single cardiovascular workspace to help manage patient care with immediate access to multi-modality images and documents. Xper Information Management (Xper IM) with Xper Flex Cardio streamlines your workflow by integrating clinical, systems, and administrative functions, so you can access information when and where it is needed. Philips IntelliSpace ECG provides fast, easy access to ECGs from almost anywhere, anytime to enhance your workflow through extensive connectivity -- couple that with DECG solutions that apply innovation to ECG workflow, like cardiographs and holter monitoring systems. 


Hear from experts: Join us for our cardiology talks series. These short talks and conversations on key findings, trends, and ideas impacting the cardiology specialty today. During these 15 minute sessions — held during Expo Breaks — clinicians, scientists, and thought leaders will share perspectives and experiences, discuss innovations, and pass on what they’ve learned in an informal setting… and then invite you to join in the discussion.

Philips Volcano: Decide, Guide, Treat, Confirm.

Watch the video and learn about our image-guided interventional therapy portfolio.


Volcano: Decide, Guide, Confirm.


Advance from PCI justification to Physiologic Guidance:

  • Only Philips Volcano provides hyperemia-free iFR measurements, and after ACC iFR will be backed with more than 4,500 patients of outcome data.
  • Learn more at
  • Only Philips Volcano co-registers iFR values directly onto the angiogram, allowing you to see precisely which parts of a vessel are causing ischemia. With iFR co-registration there is no need for hyperemic drugs, no need for time consuming pullback devices and no need for guesswork. We are simplifying physiology with iFR co-registration.
  • Introducing our 10th generation physiology wire: Verrata PLUS.  For over 20 years Philips Volcano has lead the way in physiology, putting patients first through continuous innovation.


Advanced Imaging System supports the delivery of BRS therapy

  • Philips Volcano’s CORE and Sync Vision systems combine to form the Advanced Imaging System. The Advanced Imaging System provides comprehensive support for the delivery of BRS therapy which includes lesion assessment and prep, correct vessel sizing, precise therapy delivery, and assessing result.
  • Use the IVUS imaging tool you already have to add confidence to your BRS procedures
  • Learn more at


New Azurion image guided therapy platform:

This new-generation image guided therapy platform allows you to easily and confidently perform a wide range of routine and complex procedures with a unique user experience, helping you optimize your lab performance and provide superior care. Azurion is powered by ConnectOS, a real-time multi-workspot technology designed specifically for the Azurion interventional suite. Intensive user testing has guided the entire development process to make the system easy to use. With this latest Philips innovation in image guided therapy, we reinforce our commitment to you and your patients. Our goal is to help you effectively meet today’s challenges and ensure that you are ready for the 



  • Procedure Cards with Checklists and Protocols help users to more quickly set up for a case and also help to reduce variation in the way that rooms are set up and systems are performed.
  • FlexVision Pro allows users to control all tools from the table-side, reducing the need to leave the exam room to go to the control room. This improves communication during the procedure, potentially reduces infection risk and most importantly allows user to stay focused on the procedure and the patient.
  • FlexSpot helps to improve workflow in the control room. With FlexSpot, users no longer need to have multiple dedicated workstations, monitors and mice in the control room. Workstations can be moved to the lab’s equipment room and can be controlled from a single workstation, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Integrated online help functions and enhanced clinical education program help to ensure that users are trained to get the most out of Azurion and can quickly get help when they need it.

Please join us


Late Breaking iFR Outcome Data: DEFINE FLAIR & iFR Swedeheart 1 year outcome data

  • Saturday, March 18 10:45am – noon
  • Walter E Washington Convention Center
    Main Tent, Hall D


Breakfast Symposium- A discussion of the DEFINE FLAIR and iFR Swedeheart Outcome data

  • Sunday, March 19 6:30 am – 7:45 am
  • Marriott Marquis, University DC Room (Meeting Level 1)
  • 901 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington DC 20001


If you would like to schedule a demo in one of our areas click here to register

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