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Techonomy Health | November 9, 2016, Half Moon Bay, CA

In an increasingly complex value-based healthcare landscape, a new approach is needed to help you prepare. We believe the answer is in the intersection between professional healthcare and solutions for healthy living and wellness. 


Philips is committed to providing interoperable software and solutions across the entire health continuum. To enable access to data that truly matters in ways that are easily accessible, contextually relevant and actionable. We aim to seamlessly and securely connect devices, systems and people and enable new forms of collaboration. 


“We need to empower people to use their IoT devices and their data in better and smarter ways that can impact decision making regarding their health or disease,” says Jeroen Tas, CEO Connected Care and Health Informatics at Philips. “We can offer clinicians the digital tools to integrate data from different sources to create richer patient profiles and do deep analyses using AI and deep learning techniques. But we also need to start thinking about connecting the dots even beyond the traditional boundaries of healthcare and integrate all determinants of health in our healthcare. Social, economic, genetic and environmental factors all influence our health starting from the very moment we are born and provide a fuller picture. By understanding the interrelationships we can really have an impact on disease prevention both on an individual and population level.” 


As a presenting partner of Techonomy Health, we look forward to a meaningful discussion on a range of issues and quality of conversation. We’ll focus on key issues and opportunities in healthcare today. The impact that the cloud, artificial intelligence and analytics, the Internet of Things, and the quantified self-movement will have on building effective healthcare systems as care moves beyond the walls of the hospital and into the home and daily lives of consumers. 


Helping you prepare for the next generation of healthcare delivery is our mission and our commitment. We hope you will join us as we shape the future, together.

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Enabling collaboration between consumers and healthcare providers


The connect to healthy concept application uses Philips HealthSuite digital platform to connect an individual’s devices and data sources and display the data within an online app for the person to use or share. Healthcare, non-profit, or commercial organizations can create data exchange programs within the Data Exchange, built on Salesforce’s toolset and publish these data requests into a marketplace. People can decide to share the requested data with one or more of these programs in a secure way using Healthsuite so the organizations can provide guidance on health concerns or use data for research or innovation purposes.

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Connecting care in the cloud


Our cloud-based HealthSuite ecosystem connects data and devices with people and providers, to enable more personalized care between hospital and home.


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Connecting care from the hospital room to the living room for COPD patients.

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Easing the burden for the people managing Type 1 diabetes

High-quality health care from the comfort of their own home

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