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Tools and resources
to support your AED program

Tools and resources to support your AED program

Be prepared to help save lives


Purchasing Philips HeartStart automated external defibrillators (AEDs) is an important step in preparing your organization to help those experiencing sudden cardiac arrest. Let us help you manage your programs through our array of management tools and resources, ensuring your AEDs are ready for use and members of your organization are educated about how to use them.

Choose the AED services you need

Philips AED services Premier Readiness
Premier Readiness Program Bundle
The Premier Readiness Program Bundle, offered in one-year and five-year programs, is our most comprehensive service offering. It includes program management with SMART Track, site inspection service, supply replenishment (five-year program only), state AED regulatory support, medical direction and oversight, and post- event review and support.
Philips AED services Maintenance
Maintenance  Program Bundle
The Maintenance Program Bundle, offered as a five-year program, is designed for those who want an economical service option that includes program management with SMART Track, site inspection service, supply replenishment and state AED regulatory support.
Philips AED services Stand-alone
Stand-alone offerings
Many of Philips AED Services are sold separately for programs not requiring a complete, bundled solution. Program management is available as a stand-alone option to be used for self-management. Medical Direction and Oversite, Post-event Review and Support, and AED/CPR Training are also sold individually.

* Service initiation for the Premier Readiness Program and Maintenance Program Bundles is contingent upon

Philips receipt of all required HeartStart AED Services Agreement documentation.

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Need AED support?

Visit our AED Support portal for How-To videos, user manuals and product documents.

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The smart way to manage your AED program

Program management

Program management with SMART Track


Successful AED program management requires ongoing monitoring of program status and system details. SMART Track is a user-friendly, online system that monitors important components of your program, including device details, accessory expiration, trained responder readiness, and inspection status. Fully managed SMART Track is included with the Premier Readiness Program and Maintenance Program Bundles, while self-managed SMART Track is offered as a stand- alone program.


Supply replenishment 


In addition to yearly site inspections, if you purchase the Maintenance Program Bundle or the five-year Premier Readiness Program Bundle, you will receive replacement pads and batteries 60 days prior to scheduled expiration dates. Prior to shipment, we will send an email confirming shipment of replacement pads or batteries.

Medical direction

Medical direction and oversight 


Most states require physician oversight for early defibrillation programs. The medical direction and oversight service offers physician oversight from a nationally recognized service provider experienced in corporate and community access early defibrillation programs. This consultative service is designed to meet regulatory compliance and quality assurance standards, while providing risk management expertise and general program support. 

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Learn more about AED products and solution

    HeartStart FR3 Defibrillator

    HeartStart FR3  

    • Easy to use so you’re fast to respond
    • Rich clinical information to drive patient care
    • Built to endure and designed for flexibility
    HeartStart Automated external defibrillator

    HeartStart OnSite

    • Step-by-step guidance so you know exactly what to do
    • Ready to use when you need it
    • Easy to train your team
    HeartStart Automated external defibrillator

    HeartStart FRx

    • Built for rugged environments
    • Easily used on infants and children
    • Low maintenance to be ready when you need it

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