Using design thinking in healthcare to transform cancer care

Enhancing the quality and delivery of cancer care

The Broward Health Medical Center (BHMC) infusion center wanted to modernize their outdated, busy adult infusion center to transform the patient care experience, as well as staff workflow & efficiency to help them better compete in a highly competitive market for oncology care.  


The Broward team envisioned a redesign with a twofold purpose:


  • Solve entrenched logistical issues
  • Differentiate BHMC from the competition


This goal was validated by Broward winning the healthcare design award 2014 and the healthcare Avatar award for continued experience improvements over a sustained period. Patient satisfaction scores increased to 100% after opening.*

Creating an exceptional patient experience leveraging design thinking
Broward Health
This new design is absolutely going to impact positively on the patient’s experience. It is going to take it to world-class. It is going to impact our financial results.”

Gena Conroy, Chief Marketing and Patient Experience Officer

Broward Health

Our approach


Philips experts in experience solutions and clinical and business performance improvement were pivotal to unlocking opportunity areas for better care delivery and improved efficiency.


Philips and Broward worked together to understand their clinical, functional, and emotional needs. Based on these insights, visualized into an experience flow map, process and optimization recommendations were made and a complete spatial redesign took place.

The Broward Health Medical Center