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From planning to expanding, SymphonySuite is the expert by your side for OBLs and ASCs.
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When it comes to your OBL or ASC, we are your partner from first build to building out your practice

Philips OBL and ASC Solutions – SymphonySuite – has more of what physicians need in one trusted place for office-based labs (OBLs) and ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). We offer a full range of industry-leading, specialized equipment and interventional devices with unique programs that help physicians reinvest in their lab by minimizing their equipment costs.1 Our experts help guide physicians every step of the way, saving them time and money so they can concentrate on what matters most – their patients.
Our SymphonySuite solution includes:
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Why do physicians consider opening office-based sites of service?

Patients are seeking more convenient and comfortable options for out-patient services closer to home, with shorter wait times and more personalized care.

Physicians may consider an office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center because they offer:

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Autonomy and freedom to treat more patients in less time and in an optimal care setting
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Financial opportunities and cost-of-care reductions through efficiency
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Ability to provide specialized procedures and interventions to under-served, remote or high-demand areas
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Greater flexibility in work/life balance
Learn about the various out-of-hospital sites of service—OBL, ASC, hybrid and outpatient labs—and discover which site is best for your journey.

Benefits of opening an office-based lab or ambulatory surgery center?


  • Greater provider control over the entire medical procedure
  • More personalized, patient-focused approach to care
  • More convenience and comfort for patients 


  • Control of procedure selection and timing
  • Reduced overhead
  • A practice to grow and develop on the physician’s terms


  • Reduced procedure time and increase patient throughput
  • Greater control over procedure scheduling 
  • Full control of work flow to maximize efficiency 
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Low risk PCI reimbursement approved for the ambulatory surgery center

CMS recently approved 6 percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) codes for ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) giving physicians opportunities to safely treat patient populations diagnosed with PCI.


As you think about your office-based setting providing care for these patients, Philips SymphonySuite is here to help you transition to an ambulatory surgery center (ASC) or build a new ASC from the ground up. We are your trusted partner with the expertise, equipment and innovative imaging, physiology and therapeutic device selection to help you safely and effectively treat PCI patients in an ASC.


Learn more or contact a representative to begin your ASC journey.

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ASCs are the future


Hear how Dr. Craig Walker and David Konur from Cardiovascular Institute of the South, believe ASCs are the future for low-risk PCI cases and healthcare.

Expand your practice

Ready to open or expand your practice?


Partner with SymphonySuite, the one-stop place for expertise, customized packages and unique reward programs tailored to your needs to help you grow your practice with confidence. 

You are one stop away from having convenience, personalization and freedom

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Financial benefits to help doctors pay down their equipment loans


Only Philips SymphonySuite offers financial benefits and unique rewards programs to help physicians pay down their equipment loans through the use of our industry leading interventional devices.1

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Customers share their experiences with SymphonySuite


Having one trusted, convenient partner to turn to has given these physicians the freedom to focus on patients and the confidence to invest in their practice.

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Need to update your lab equipment?


Get the most innovative and efficient equipment for your lab. Trade-in your eligible equipment towards new equipment.³ Trade-in, trade-up, and start experiencing more.

1. Not all customers will qualify. Subject to program agreement.

2. Certain credit conditions are required and every customer must be credit approved by PMC. Not all customers will qualify. Subject to program agreement.

3. Certain conditions are required and not all products will qualify.


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