Enhancing patient and staff experience in MRI

Lahey Hospital outpatient center takes innovation beyond the traditional

Lahey Hospital outpatient center, located just north of Boston, was looking for excellent image quality to drive diagnostic accuracy and superb patient experience to differentiate their healthcare services.

With years of experience combining image quality and patient experience as a marketplace differentiator, Philips was selected to partner in the endeavor.

See how patients experience MRI at Lahey.
This has really allowed us to show in the marketplace that we’re a leading edge institution north of Boston and that we actually deliver and provide the same or better service than can be done downtown”

-Christopher Wald, Chairman Radiology

Lahey Hospital and Medical Center

Our Approach

A Philips Ambient Experience MRI suite, with the addition of the Philips Ambient Experience patient in-bore solution, was proposed to transform the traditional scanning experience.

The immersive experience at Lahey now starts at the room’s entrance. A soothing environment with sound, video projection and dynamic lighting greets the patient and accompanies the patient into the scanner.

Philips unique patient in-bore solution distracts patients when they move into the MRI. Engaging visuals combined with sound give patients a comforting and engaging experience during the scan.
Teaming up to enhance imaging experience for patients.


According to Peter Curatolo- Medical Director, MRI service Lahey Outpatient Center- patients and staff now have an entirely different experience than in most imaging rooms. The room is very relaxing and comforting.


Ambient Experience also supports staff workflow and enhances efficiency with a well-organized room layout and carefully designed storage solutions.

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    Patient satisfaction increased to 100%

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