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Improving the patient experience with personalized environments

Philips Ambient Experience creates patient-friendly environments by integrating architecture, design and enabling technologies that can help to calm patients, increase efficiency and workflow. This innovative people-focused solutions enables patients to select room themes and sounds, allowing them to personalize the environment and surround themselves in a relaxing, calming atmosphere.

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Ambient Experience themes 


Ambient Experience themes are well researched and based on the physiological effects of stress on the individual and the impact on the ability to heal. Psychologically supportive environments assist patients and families through many aspects of the patient journey.1 Ambient Experience themes can be described as a combination of dynamic images, music, and/or dynamic room lighting. Their intent is to enhance the patient experience, facilitate patient/staff interaction and improve patient compliance.2,3 Leveraging the calming aspects of art and nature keeps the patient occupied, helps to distract, and shortens the perception of time. Eye tracking research suggests patients closely watch movement across the screen, and stimuli levels (defined as the change in detail, movement, light intensity, and color) can be varied to elicit different responses – to support active relaxation or elicit a more quiet response.

Ambient Experience themes overview


There are more than 40 active relaxation themes, offering more than 9 hours of specially designed content, accommodating different ages and cultural groups. For example, pediatric content provides positive distraction for children aged 4+. The nature oriented themes are designed according to healing art guidelines. A selection of cultural content with calming music is also available, as well as themes with abstract visual art – all designed to engage and personalize the patient journey.

View this short video to get an overview of the Ambient Experience themes gallery.

Ambient Experience
abstract crystals
abstract fantasy
art calligraphy
Asia japan blossoms
Asia japan garden
Nature Panda
nature vineyards
nature water sunset
pediatric carousel
pediatric finding doris
pediatric robert
pediatric victor
rides balloonride
rides boatride

Dutch Masters theme

See how art and music can impact the patient and staff experience. Ambient Experience Dutch Masters theme, in collaboration with our partners, illustrates the experience.


1 Robinson, P.S, Green, J. Ambient Versus Traditional Environment in Pediatric Emergency Department. Health Environments Research & Design Journal. 2015, Vol. 8(2) 71-80. 

2 El-Hassan, H., McKeown, K., Muller, A.F. Clinical trial: music reduces anxiety levels in patients attending for endoscopy. Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. 2009 Vol 30 718-724. 

3 Lemaire, C., Moran, G.R., Swan, H. Impact of Audio/Visual Systems on Pediatric Sedation in Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Journal of Magnetic Resonance Imaging. 2009 Vol. 30 649–655.

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