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Real-time insights on your daily hospital operations

    Philips PerformanceFlow delivers real-time operational decision support in hospitals with the aim to optimize efficiency between people, equipment, devices and spaces. 

    Philips PerformanceFlow1 – More than RTLS asset tracking

    Our intelligent solution provides healthcare professionals and technical staff with actionable insights, process automation based on real-time data and services to drive operational performance improvements hospital-wide.

    To deliver such operational decision support to modern hospitals, we designed an open Internet of Things, IoT platform. By converging internal and external data from leading Real-Time
    Location System, RTLS technology providers, smart devices, and information from other existing IT systems, enterprise-wide use cases regarding resource, workflow, and capacity management are enabled. The information is enriched, combined, interpreted, routed and visualized in a comprehensive manner in order to give relevant context to real-time locations and avoid manual data entry in workflows. Our fully automated overviews and event handling algorithms save time for overburdened hospital staff members and contribute to cost-efficient, high-quality care in a specific ward, throughout an entire building, or across
    different campuses.

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    Performanceflow video

    PerformanceFlow: Going beyond track and trace

    Watch this short video to learn how PerformanceFlow goes beyond the capabilities of common track and trace solutions and addresses a great variety of use cases related to resources, workflow and capacity management.

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    Here at OLVG, we verify new investment expenditures in mobile equipment based on accurate utilization rates from Philips. This is how we identified to save up to 1 million € in comparison to a time where we did not have this in-depth data quality."

    OLVG Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam

    Our solution helps healthcare facilities deliver on the Quadruple Aim and defined Key Performance Indicators

    At Philips, improving people’s health and well-being through meaningful innovation is at the heart of everything we do. Guided by this purpose, PerformanceFlow combines location data, information from the existing IT ecosystem, smart devices, and leverages big data – helping our customers deliver on the Quadruple Aim and striving to achieve superior, long-term value.

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    Better health outcomes

    • Reducing overall patient length of stay thanks to process improvements related to available equipment and beds has a strong impact on health outcomes
    • Reducing patient safety risk by adhering to maintenance compliance and securing availability of mobile assets

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    Improved patient experience

    • Saving time spent for searching equipment and thus, increasing time at the patient bedside by clinical staff

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    Improved staff experience

    • Unburden medical staff by having the right amount of suitable mobile equipment at the right place
    • Reducing search time and hoarding in shifts outside office hours
    • Optimize mean-to-repair-time by automating workflows leading to reduction of equipment downtime

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    Lower cost of care

    • Less equipment loss and improved utilization of expensive mobile assets
    • Less investments needed thanks to accurate utilization data
    • Reduce fees for expensive rental equipment
    • Reducing number of movements and thus, time spent of logistical personal leading to higher productivity

    As a long-term partner we support hospitals to achieve successful outcomes along the entire lifecycle of the solution

    Real-time Location Systems (RTLS) are complex technical solutions that require customization based on your individual needs to support your specific use cases. Strategies for RTLS in healthcare often require the solution to be well integrated into the existing IT landscape of your facility. Philips supports you with the open and technology-agnostic PerformanceFlow Internet of Things (IoT) platform, accompanied by professional healthcare consultants who guide you from the set-up of the initial business case to the successful implementation and beyond.

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    • Definition of potential use cases, key performance indicators and business case
    • Workflow analysis incl. observations and (semi-)structured interviews
    • Selection of appropriate hardware

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    • Installation of the required hardware components
    • System calibration
    • Collaborating with the local facility management and hospital IT

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    • Configuration of dashboards in close alignment with target user groups
    • Integration with existing hospital IT landscape
    • Solution validation, "go live", updates and upgrades according to the agreed terms and conditions

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    • (On-site or remote) project management, key user trainings, and active change management support
    • Provision of relevant data analytics
    • Solution maintenance

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    • Workflow optimization projects
    • Dynamic modelling
    • Demand analysis for further solution roll-out to different departments, additional use cases, more user groups, etc.

    Strong partner network for state-of-the art RTLS technology and seamless data integration

    PerformanceFlow is designed as an open Internet of Things platform that enables collaboration within a broad ecosystem through flexible adapters and powerful data brokers. By doing so, we can easily onboard new technologies and translate data into meaningful actions. We keep a close eye on cooperating with market-leading healthcare partners and Real-time Location System technology vendors in different geographical areas to generate the optimal added value for our customers while keeping maintenance efforts as low as possible. 

    Ultimo: Ultimo Software Solutions supplies the number one flexible Enterprise Asset Management cloud platform 'Ultimo'. The software is used worldwide by more than 2,200 customers in Manufacturing, Healthcare, Logistics, Infrastructure and Utilities. It offers customers benefits like increased uptime, cost control, increased life span of equipment, easy compliance with laws and regulations and the certainty of a safe working environment. Ultimo offers all of this with an unparalleled ROI because of short implementation processes, seamless integrations and Self-Service application management. 


    CenTrak: CenTrak helps healthcare facilities create a safe and efficient healthcare environment through the deployment of the industry’s leading real-time location system, RTLS and environmental monitoring solutions. CenTrak has been trusted by more than 2,000 healthcare organizations around the world to successfully implement dozens of RTLS use cases. Beyond a hospital tracking system – CenTrak provides actionable data across the entire healthcare enterprise.

    Favendo: Favendo has built a solid reputation as a provider of mobile tracking and navigation solutions for indoor and complex environments such as cruise ships, airports, sports stadiums or manufacturing plants. Favendo was positioned by Gartner in the Niche Players quadrant of the 2021  Magic Quadrant for Indoor Location Services. Favendo relies on a partner network consisting of technology partners such as Quuppa and Actility for high-precision location solutions and seamless indoor & outdoor tracking. 

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    Either enjoy a virtual expedition through our dashboards, join a personal tour at our Hospital Lab in Eindhoven, The Netherlands or experience the solution in a real customer environment!

    1PerformanceFlow is available in selected markets. Please contact us for more information.

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