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    PerformanceFlow forms part of the Healthcare Transformation Services business, which in collaboration with healthcare service providers, offers professional consulting services to improve the operational and financial performance of hospitals, and improve patient outcomes across the health continuum from diagnosis to treatment and after care at home. This is also reflected in the commercial offer of the PerformanceFlow Internet of Things (IoT) solution, whose design, in addition to a state-of-the-art technological backbone, puts particular emphasis on the successful implementation and adoption of the solution on the ground. 

    The expertise in co-creation, change management, consulting, data analytics and data science, as well as education that our professional healthcare consultants offer, ensure customer satisfaction during the implementation journey and beyond.


    How our professional healthcare consultants help to make your project a true success

    The PerformanceFlow Internet of Things, IoT platform is a powerful solution that provides healthcare professionals with actionable insights to optimize workflows involving patients, staff and equipment. Due to the complex nature of such application, the changes in behavior and digitalization of processes it drives, both Philips and the customer must work closely together to achieve adoption and celebrate shared success.

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    Single point of contact during implementation phase and beyond

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    Thorough workflow analysis to configure dashboards to hospital needs

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    Change management support for successful solution introduction

    For this reason, our standardized offering comprises the service of experienced healthcare consultants that advise our customers from a clinical and technical perspective along the entire implementation journey, with the shared goal to translate end user needs into an appropriate technical set-up. These so called PerformanceFlow Advisors are involved right from the start and serve as single point of contact beyond a project’s horizon.


    Since PerformanceFlow is designed intuitively by our usability experts and continuously validated with our customers, getting started is easy. The PerformanceFlow Advisors are experts for the flexible configuration of the respective software dashboards and the provision of training sessions. This way, new use cases can be explored in an agile manner. Design thinking methodologies (on-site workflow analysis, user acceptance testing, etc.) help to stay close to the processes and seamlessly fit our solution into the
    existing environment.


    Nonetheless, Philips is not only aware of the positive impact a solution like PerformanceFlow can bring but also the resentment it might cause among established staff members. To get the required buy-in and create an open environment that embraces the change, Philips supports hospitals with the development of detailed change management plans to successfully orchestrate resources, workflows, and capacity.

    How our comprehensive reports support hospitals to driven data-driven decision 

    Philips has developed broad analytic capabilities in the domain of real-time localization of mobile equipment in healthcare environments. Building on more than five years of customer experience using a full spectrum of Real-time Localization System, RTLS technologies, for instance, Infrared/ WiFi/ Bluetooth Low energy/ RFID and others, clinical domain knowledge and technical expertise resulting in the ability to offer a host of standardized insights. Insights including but not limited to asset utilization, stock level management, motion patterns and activity-based costing, maintenance compliance, patient length of stay, waiting times and asset ownership. 

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    Evidence-based and data-driven decision making

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    Healthy innovation pipeline provided via proven solutions

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    Technology- agnostic analytics thanks to smart, AI algorithms

    By offering these evidence-based insights, data driven decision making can help in saving cost, improving workflows, reducing the amount of assets being lost, fostering efficiency across the hospital, improving patient and staff satisfaction, unburdening staff, increasing transparency, quantifying observations, improving on maintenance compliance, facilitating inventory management and much more.


    In addition to the set of standardized reports, Philips is very willing and eager to think beyond. Offering the complete flexibility to adapt to specific use cases and partnering up to iteratively develop the insights most relevant to our customers.


    Bringing in our experience in bi-directionally integrating with hospital IT systems, third-party vendors, and even smart devices, IoMT to make the most out of all available data in the hospital. Our strong backbone of experienced researchers bring in the opportunity to explore completely new scenarios and develop state of the art algorithms keeping you on the bleeding edge of technological innovation. Ultimately all of the analytic results can be fed back into the operational software completing the full circle integration. 

    How Philips Research backs up our long-term strategy

    The commercial business collaborates closely with Philips Research to ensure that the PerformanceFlow IoT solution lies at the forefront of innovation. This collaboration involves identifying and evaluating state-of-the-art RTLS technologies and developing AI-enabled algorithms to provide actionable insights based on the collected data. Philips Research is responsible for building up a patent portfolio and exploring the possibility to expand the use of RTLS-enabled solutions in adjacent fields through a customer-first approach. To-date, a total of 20 patents have been filed in this domain.

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    Continuous customer-focused innovation

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    State-of-the-art AI driven algorithms

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    Strong network of open innovation partners

    A key benefit of PerformanceFlow is that it is designed in a technology agnostic manner. In other words, the solution can work with a variety of RTLS technologies, e.g. WiFi, Bluetooth Low Energy, and Infrared. Philips Research thoroughly tests and evaluates the various technologies and vendors to ensure that we only adopt solutions which are reliable, can scale easily, and are also cost effective from the perspective of ease of deployment and maintenance. 

    PerformanceFlow empowers the customer to take real-time, data-driven decisions. Philips Research plays a critical role here by developing tools and algorithms that combine various real-time as RTLS, or IoT data and non-real-time Electronic Medical Record, or Laboratory Information Systems data streams to extract reliable insights in an automated manner. These diverse data streams are used to develop AI-driven predictive algorithms that allow hospital personnel to take decisions that impact operational performance in a pro-active rather than reactive manner. 

    Philips Research works closely with multiple clinical partners across Europe both through bilateral engagements and through research pilots executed under EU subsidy programs. For example, Philips Research recently led the €15 million EU project, BigMedilytics involving a total of 35 partners. As part of this project, three RTLS-based pilots were executed covering topics as diverse as asset management and optimization of workflows of stroke and sepsis patients in the Emergency Department. 

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    Either enjoy a virtual expedition through our dashboards, join a personal tour at our Hospital Lab in Eindhoven, The Netherlands or experience the solution in a real customer environment!

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