Design Thinking In Healthcare

Strategic Design in Healthcare


Leveraging design thinking to create innovative healthcare environments

A strategic approach to designing an exceptional patient care environment


Philips takes a strategic approach based on the latest healthcare design thinking to help our clients create an innovative and optimized patient care environment. Our strategic design services can help transform a healthcare department, facility, or network.


Our design expertise is based on decades of world-class design innovation and combined with clinical and operational excellence to deliver an exceptional experience for patients and staff. Our strategic design consulting helps to:


  • Enhance the patient experience
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Optimize clinical workflow
Exceptional patient experience
Learn how design thinking played a key role in redesigning the Broward Infusion Center

A co-create methodology to inspire collaboration and innovation

The Philips co-create methodology is an iterative, people-centric, and multi-disciplinary approach to creative innovation and problem solving. Based on a mindset of collaboration, it extracts thoughts, intentions, and creative ideas via a facilitated workshop.
Active participation is garnered from physicians, patients, healthcare management, and other stakeholders. Co-creation is ideal for addressing complex, multi-stakeholder challenges in healthcare.
Discover: Explore insights and try-out ideas at an early stage
Frame: Define the opportunity and an improved future-state
Ideate: Use creative thinking to identify solutions, select the most relevant, and create a shared understanding
Build: Simulate situations, experiences, and behaviors to test hypotheses
Co-create methodology

Innovating a new healthcare ecosystem

Announcing the launch of HealthSuite Labs, our first digital co-innovation lab, designed to support the evolution to new models for connected health enabled by digital technologies. The center provides an environment to spur innovation and supports the transformation towards connected and value-based, patient-centered care.


Read more about HealthSuite Labs


How we enable the transformation process

Experience Flow Mapping

Experience Flow Mapping

Experience Flow Mapping is a unique and structured methodology to provide an insights-based view of the patient journey and clinical processes. We map-out the data points and insights gained from deep data analysis as well as stakeholder interviews and workflow observations.


The experience flow map visually summarizes the patient journey, areas of concern, and the most impactful opportunities for improvement. These maps are usually the size of a meeting room wall.


Watch video

Clinical Expertise

Clinical Expertise

Our clinical experts bring extensive experience in collaborating with hospitals and health systems to develop clinical growth strategies and deliver efficient clinical processes.


We help create an integrated care management approach and achieve clinical performance improvement goals. Our consultants help align people, processes, and technologies to deliver high-quality and cost-effective patient care across the health continuum.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

We believe data should support each phase of a consulting project and drive recommendations. The goal is to provide quantitative evidence to optimize equipment utilization. Our data analysts:

  • Recognize gaps in workflow, capacity, and desired vs. actual outcomes
  • Identify and quantify improvement opportunities
  • Analyze trends to forecast patient demand, staffing and technology needs, supplies, and more
  • Create scenarios to simulate the impact of change recommendations
  • Embed data into client operations

Designing the Healthcare Experience

Sean Hughes, Head of Healthcare Design, Philips, was recently interviewed to share his views on redesigning clinical environments and the patient experience.


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