Important travel tips1


Having COPD does not mean you have to give up traveling. You can still go on vacation, but you just need to do a bit of extra planning to make sure your trip is both fun and safe:

Always discuss your plans to travel with your doctor - where you are going, vacation length and travel arrangements. They will know if you are well enough to travel and whether the climate of your destination is likely to affect your health.
Always travel with your medical documents – a list of your medication and your oxygen prescription, if necessary. Also a letter from your doctor, describing your condition and confirming you are fit to travel.
Always travel with your doctor’s contact information, your emergency family member’s details and those of a contact person at your final destination. If you are not traveling by car, it is useful to also include the airline, train or cruise line details on which you are traveling.
Make sure you have the name and location of a doctor and a hospital at your holiday destination in case you need medical assistance while you are away. This information is particularly important if you are planning to be away for a long time.

Take enough medicines to last your entire trip, making sure they are labeled and in their original containers.



Check your health insurance before you leave to make sure you are covered during your journey, especially if you are traveling out of the country, and at your holiday destination. 


Always try to travel with someone who knows about your special needs, understands your medicines and can handle your oxygen equipment if needed.



You should also contact your Homecare Provider before you travel so they are aware you won’t be at home.


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Accessed on 7 August 2015.

For informational purposes only, not to replace physician's directions.