Innospire Deluxe - COPD constant use nebulizer

InnoSpire Deluxe for COPD consistent aerosol medication 


Designed with durability in mind


For use with your aerosol medications, InnoSpire Deluxe COPD constant use nebulizer incorporates a durable compressor designed for prolonged use and delivers consistent aerosol medication when you need it most - either at home or in the hospital.


Reliable and easy-to-use, InnoSpire Deluxe is suitable for most COPD consistent aerosol medications. The wipe clean contoured case is lightweight and the internal compartment can accommodate accessories.


The Sidestream nebulizer can be used with either a mask or a mouthpiece, and will nebulize most commonly prescribed bronchodilators. It produces a fast drug delivery so that more prescribed medication reaches your lower airways.


Key features of  InnoSpire Deluxe COPD constant use nebulizer

  • Matched with SideStream reusable and SideStream Plus
  • Continuously rated for constant use
  • Large integrated storage
  • Handle for easy transport