Innospire Elegance short treatment nebulizer

InnoSpire Elegance - Short treatment nebulizer


Power and style wrapped into one device


For use with your aerosol medications, InnoSpire Elegance, a short treatment nebulizer, has been designed to cope with frequent use. As part of the InnoSpire family of compressor nebulizer systems, the Elegance provides fast and reliable drug delivery. 


Offering short treatment times between 6 - 8 minutes, the InnoSpire Elegance delivers reliable aerosol therapy that you can trust. Suitable for use at home or in hospital.


The Sidestream nebulizer can be used with either a mask or a mouthpiece, and will nebulize most commonly prescribed bronchodilators. It produces a fast drug delivery so that more prescribed medication reaches your lower airways.


Key features of the InnoSpire Elegance short treatment nebulizer

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Short treatment times
  • Simple and effective nebulizer treatment