COPD insider



Becky Anderson, RRT


Manager, Respiratory Care Services
Sanford Medical Center



Ms. Anderson is a registered respiratory therapist with 35 years of experience in caring for people with chronic respiratory disease and acute respiratory compromise. In 2008, she became Sanford’s first respiratory therapy clinical specialist. She was tasked with fostering an interdisciplinary team that proceeded to improve performance outcomes in areas such as cost of care, readmissions, and adherence to evidence-based care for COPD diagnosis-related groups (DRGs).


Ms. Anderson is chair of the Local Leadership Board for the American Lung Association in North Dakota, a participant in the American Lung Association in Minnesota (COPD Readmissions Learning Collaborative), and serves by gubernatorial appointment on the North Dakota Tobacco Prevention and Control Advisory Committee.


She speaks nationally on the outcomes her hospital has achieved regarding the care of its COPD population. Ms. Anderson’s beloved mother is living well with asthma/COPD overlap syndrome.


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