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Inside emerging issue: Managing multiple comorbidities

Do you put disease first or patient first? We’ll show you why focusing on individual diseases limits outcomes, and how today’s top treaters are thinking bigger.

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Managing COPD patients isn’t just about their disease, its about the patient too.


Our thought leaders share their best practices for shifting their focusing from disease  only to a holistic patient view.

Managing multiple comorbidities video


Krystal Craddock

Krystal Craddock, BSRC, RRT-NPS, AEC

COPD Case Manager


Vernon Pertelle

Vernon Pertelle, RRT

President and CEO of StratiHealth

President and Executive Director of Pulmonary Horizons, Inc.

Keith Kanel

Keith Kanel

Clinical Associate Professor

University of Pittsburgh 

Past Chief Medical Officer of Pittsburgh Regional Health Initiative

Chris Landon

Chris Landon, MD, FAAP, FCCP, CMD

Director of Pediatrics, Ventura County Medical Center

Director of Pediatric Diagnostics Center and CEO, Landon Pediatric Foundation

Jerry Krishnan

Jerry Krishnan, MD, PhD.

Professor of Medicine and Public Health, and Associate Vice Chancellor for  Population Health Sciences

University of Illinois Hospital and Health Sciences System

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