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Jennifer Anderson


Administrative Director of Respiratory Care Services and Pulmonary Function Laboratories, AU Medical Center


With more than 43 years as a Respiratory Therapist, Ms. Anderson is currently the Administrative Director of Respiratory Care Services and the Pulmonary Function Laboratories at AU Medical Center. She has held this title for the last 15 years.

She currently serves on the Board of Healthy Augusta and is a member of their Steering Committee. Ms. Anderson is a founding member of the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) Asthma Awareness Coalition and has brought to life, through grant support, over 33 local events to improve asthma awareness and education. She is also the Chair of BreathEasy Augusta, with a main focus on clear air in the work place.   

Ms. Anderson recently completed a 12-month coaching course. It was funded through a Robert Wood Johnson scholarship for 5 community leaders to improve health outcomes through coalition building for Augusta Richmond County. She has been an active community supporter of the American Lung Association for over 3 decades and, in the past 7 years, has assisted in providing Asthma 101 training to over 250 elementary school educators in Richmond County.

Ms. Anderson is adjunct faculty for the Respiratory Therapy Program at Augusta University and has held that position since 1985. She received the Kathy Miner Health Education and Promotion Award from the Georgia Public Health Association in April 2012.

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