COPD insider contributor
Jill Ohar


Professor of Internal Medicine, Pulmonary, Critical Care, Allergy, and Immunological Diseases, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
Director of Clinical Operations,Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center


Dr. Ohar is a leading pulmonary disease specialist, board certified in both internal and critical care medicines. Her clinical and research interests focus on inhalational diseases such as COPD and asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma and asbestosis. Dr. Ohar received her medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and completed her residency in internal medicine and her fellowship in critical care medicine and pulmonary diseases at the Medical College of Virginia.

Joll Ohar articles on COPD insider:

  • 1 on 1: ensure your RTs are filling these 5 roles

    1 on 1: ensure your RTs are filling these 5 roles

    It’s no secret that RTs are a crucial member of the care team—but as patient needs evolve, so does their role. Watch this video to learn the various roles and responsibilities and ensure your RTs are successfully filling each one.

  • RT anatomy: 5 skills to maximize COPD outcomes

    RT anatomy: 5 skills to maximize COPD outcomes

    RT's provide exceptional value in care to patients with COPD, but what do successful RTs have in common? 5 skills to maximize COPD outcomes in any care setting.

  • Three steps to saving costs by shifting patients from hospital to home

    Three steps to saving costs by shifting patients from hospital to home

    What’s the key to saving costs in patients with COPD? Shifting care settings. Discover three steps to get patients from hospital to home and cut your institution’s costs in the process.

  • Insider solutions

    Insider solutions

    As we learn more and more about COPD, many questions remain. Discover what our panel of insiders had to say about some of your most pressing questions.

  • COPD Misconceptions

    COPD Misconceptions

    Too often, COPD in women is overlooked or misdiagnosed. In celebration of Women’s Health Month, let’s explore when this misperception began and how you can help overcome it, to spread quality care for all.

  • How ACOs align perfectly with COPD treatment goals

    How ACOs align perfectly with COPD treatment goals

    Learn how ACOs create amazing opportunities to support COPD treatment goals and elevate value-based care.

  • Identifying COPD patients

    Identifying COPD patients

    Learn how to identify patients with COPD sooner by proactively focusing on additional risk factors, special populations, and more.

  • Improving Adherence to Treatment

    Improving Adherence to Treatment

    While we would all agree that adherence to treatment is key, the causes of non-adherence may surprise you. Learn more about what can go wrong and how you can make it right.

  • Mental Health Focus

    Mental Health Focus

    When you overlook the mental health component of COPD care, you may only be addressing surface issues. Keep patients living healthy at home by putting mental health services at the core of your care.

  • Why hasn’t spirometry caught on?

    Why hasn’t spirometry caught on?

    Spirometry is the only recognized method to definitively diagnose COPD. So why is it rarely used? Discover the consequences of not using spirometry and the benefits you can expect from making it your standard practice.

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