November 2023 – Philips Fieldstrength MRI Customer Story

Bringing MRI closer to patients in Tokyo thanks to a helium-free MR operating system

MR system in use

Installation in basement without quench pipe needed

Tokyo Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic faced several challenges when selecting a new MRI system, primarily due to the clinic's central Tokyo location. The objective was to install the MRI within an already established mixed-use building, with the preference being to place it in the basement. However, the installation presented a hurdle in the form of a quench pipe requirement. The issue found resolution in the Philips BlueSeal system, as it eliminates the need for a quench pipe.

The possibility of an installation without the need of a vent pipe or helium refills helped in finding a more central location in the city.

Dr. Hiroyuki Sugaya

Orthopaedic surgeon, Tokyo Sports & Orthopaedic Clinic

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Forget about helium with the BlueSeal magnet


MRT Praxis Potsdam in Germany chose for the Ambition system with BlueSeal magnet because of a technical challenge they had in their hospital with the quench pipe.

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