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How to harness market chaos and lead

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Controlling technology fragmentation, leveraging payer relationships and managing competition with actionable market insights

Our healthcare industry is defined by its tendency to become more and more complex over time. Finding the means to thrive in the market requires finding the means to understand that chaos without losing focus on delivering effective care.

Our new white paper addresses this issue, breaking down three of the largest factors contributing to market chaos and offering some new strategies to help your organization take control.

In this white paper, you’ll find out more about:

  • The changing face of competition from traditional and nontraditional players
  • The fragmented technology market that makes it difficult to act on data
  • The crowded field of payers and payment models

In addition, we’ve developed a new tool to help you understand the issues facing your local market: The Chaos Matrix

Philips Population Health Management - How to harness market chaos and lead

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