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The facts, the facts and nothing but the facts. We recently profiled the new InnoSpire Go portable nebulizer device. Below are a host of frequently asked questions about the technology behind the device, its capabilities and other key details.

Q. What is vibrating mesh technology and how does it work?
A. InnoSpire Go contains a mesh with approximately 1,000 microscopic holes in it. The mesh vibrates and the liquid medicine is drawn through these holes and turned into a fine mist, creating the aerosol.

Q. How is InnoSpire Go different from a traditional jet compressor/piston nebulizer?
A. InnoSpire Go uses a different technology that doesn’t require the use of a motor. This means it’s smaller, lighter, and virtually silent.

Q. What type of drugs can I nebulize in the InnoSpire Go?
A. InnoSpire Go is intended to nebulise commonly prescribed liquid inhaled medications for respiratory disease. Typically these are bronchodilators, steroids and antibiotics.

Q. Can I use InnoSpire Go on board an airplane?
A. InnoSpire Go has been tested and is compliant to the DO-160F standard to show it meets safety standards to use on an airplane. However, each individual airline will have their own policies with regards to the use of electronic equipment and you should therefore check with the airline prior to travel if you need to use your equipment during a flight.

Q. Can I use the InnoSpire Go on my child?
A. Yes. InnoSpire Go is suitable for children under adult supervision.

Q. How long will my treatment take?
A. It should take approximately four minutes for 2.5 ml salbutamol. Other medications may take longer, but typically most will nebulize in under five minutes.

Q. What type of battery is in the InnoSpire Go and how long will it run for?

A. It is a lithium-ion battery similar to that in a mobile phone. It will provide approximately 30 treatments per charge (120 minutes).

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