Moving up to EPIQ Elite from iU22

For over 15 years, the Philips iU22 has been a workhorse premium shared service ultrasound system trusted by clinicians worldwide. With the ever changing demands on healthcare, hospital directors and clinicians have continued to look to Philips to help support their needs of providing the best level of care with the latest and greatest technology. Philips long history of partnering with healthcare providers to solve the latest challenges continues with the latest premium shared service ultrasound platform, the Philips EPIQ Elite.

Powerful system security

Protecting sensitive patient data    

Hospitals and healthcare organizations are spending more to protect their systems and patient data from cyber-attacks. Ultrasound systems are highly mobile and can be used in a wired or wireless environment. As a result, Philips has made security a high priority for ultrasound systems. The EPIQ Elite platform is built on Window 10 OS and features a powerful defense-in-depth principle and delivers an outstanding set of data security features.

Our hospital system felt secure transitioning to EPIQ Elite with the latest Windows 10 security.

Muhammad Hasan

MBBCh, RPVI, RVT, RDCS, RDMS, Manager, Departments of Echocardiography and Noninvasive Vascular Testing, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute, Baptist Hospital of Miami.

With patient-data and security being a priority for us, a main motivation for transitioning from the iU22 to the EPIQ Elite was to improve data security on the latest software infrastructure.

Anonymous, MD

We feel secure having the latest security on EPIQ Elite.

Anonymous, MD

Uncompromising image quality

New PureWave Transducers with next generation processing XRES Pro  

All healthcare organizations are under continuous pressure of providing uncompromising care while maintaining a demanding schedule. Philips EPIQ Elite platform was built to serve those needs. The power of Philips’ PureWave transducers delivers exceptional imaging even on technically difficult patients. The next-generation imaging processor XRES Pro sharpens borders and interfaces, and provides superb tissue conspicuity. The Philips EPIQ Elite platform provides clinical confidence in the demanding schedule of the modern care setting.

XRES Pro is my favorite for carotid plaque.

Muhammad Hasan

The combination of new transducers and advances in software makes the assessment and diagnosis of vascular conditions easy. There is now a case to be made for ultrasound solutions to be used as a potential alternative to other imaging modalities in the current standard of care.

Muhammad Hasan

The EPIQ Elite system is great across clinical applications, the system is great for our examinations in abdomen including liver and renal transplants as well as vascular exams including lower extremities and carotids. With the EPIQ Elite, we are able to keep up with the demand of 40-50 inpatient exams a day.

Anonymous, MD.

The latest PureWave technology and XRES Pro processing also supports clinicians in Obstetrics. The ergonomic, lightweight V9-2 transducer is a PureWave transducer focused on getting fine detailed images as early as possible to help clinicians easily perform confident assessments of fetal health. Paired with TrueVue, the EPIQ Elite system allows clinicians to manipulate a virtual light source around and in depth on the 3D images of the fetus, producing images that are both incredibly lifelike and that provide a high level of detail to enable the identification of any abnormalities early on in pregnancy.

The high-resolution images I’m able to acquire using the V9-2 and eL18-4 PureWave transducers give me the ability to quickly evaluate a baby’s early development. With exceptional 2D and 3D resolution and excellent depth penetration, I can make more confident fetal health assessments during each trimester.

Luis F.

Goncalves, MD from Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

The Philips ultimate ultrasound solution for pediatric assessment, including the PureWave pediatric transducer mC12-3, is customized to provide quick and confident, yet gentle imaging tailored to the specific needs of children, elevating their care as never before. Clinicians are able to shift their focus from just diagnosing acute cases to continuously treating chronic pediatric diseases and managing a variety of complex cases.

The mC12-3 PureWave transducer offers exceptional clinical performance and versatility across many pediatric applications.

Dianna Bardo

MD, Vice-Chair of Radiology at Phoenix Children’s Hosptial.

In many cases we can use diagnostic ultrasound to make the diagnosis that helps support critical clinical decisions without having to move on to other, invasive imaging modalities.

Jeffrey Miller

MD, Chief of Radiology at Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

Advanced Capability for Definitive Diagnosis

Microflow Imaging and shear wave elastography  

The expectation for definitive diagnosis has never been higher for Hospitals and healthcare organizations. The Philips EPIQ Elite platform supports the latest and greatest innovations in ultrasound technology including MicroFlow Imaging and shear wave elastography.

Designed to detect slow and weak blood flow anatomy in tissue, MicroFlow Imaging maintains high frame rate and 2D image quality while applying advanced artifact reduction techniques to reveal small vessel anatomy.

ElastQ Imaging methods of shear wave elastography provides a quantitative display and measurement of tissue stiffness with a confidence map to assist you in obtaining measurements from areas with the highest shear wave quality.

The EPIQ Elite system advanced technologies have improved our patient care. Microflow Imaging has been great on visualizing the microvascular patterns in lymph nodes.

Anonymous, MD

Shear wave elastography has been a great addition in evaluating liver and thyroid stiffness, allowing us to efficiently monitor our patients.

Anonymous, MD

Ensuring Success

Continuous partnership and training  

In dynamic healthcare environments the staff is required to stay current with the latest clinical procedures and technologies. Our comprehensive education is designed to support clinical excellence, maximize use of advanced system features and capabilities. It aims to instill physician confidence in the quality of exams, optimize workflow and staff productivity, and foster professional growth and teamwork - ultimately, to deliver the best healthcare experiences for patients.

A large contribution to the success of the transition was the partnership of the training team with the sonographers in the hospital with 3 teaching sessions.

Anonymous, MD

There were dedicated trainings offsite which allowed sonographers to learn from the training staff and from each other on optimizing the image. This also helped build comradery with the staff.

Anonymous, MD

Learn more about the EPIQ Elite here or at, and contact your Philips account manager, or call 1-800-229-6417 (option 1).

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