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who undergo an amputation die within 5 years2
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This year

will be diagnosed with new venous ulcers1
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of US adults suffer from chronic venous insufficiency5
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Venous disease is the
#1 cause

of lower extremity ulcers worldwide1
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¼ of a billion  

people worldwide suffer from PAD3
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seconds a diabetic patient somewhere in the world has a limb amputated4


Arterial ivus

Visualize the best path forward with IVUS eyes

Philips IVUS provides the visualization to gain deeper insights into the lesion and choose the best procedural path forward.
IVUS may help to determine:
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Eccentric fibrotic plaque with deep calcium module
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Accoustic shadowing

AV access

IVUS changed 76% of AV access graft treatment plans7
AV access bars

N= 100 patients P = .16

Median time to first AV graft reintervention or discontinuation

In a prospective randomized single-center pilot study, the investigators suggest that using IVUS with DSA during endovascular interventions of failing hemodialysis access grafts holds potential to extend the time to the first reintervention.


IVUS changed 57% of venous treatment plans8
Venous pie chart

Distribution of treatment plan changes in 57 of 100 patients

Thirty five icon

Changed plan from no treatment to stent placement

Thirteen icon

Changed number of stents planned

Six icon

Changed plan from no treatment to other intervention

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Changed plan from treatment to no treatment


Peripheral IVUS catheters

Philips Image Guided Therapy (IGT) Devices provides a full line of IVUS catheters to help guide your treatment approach for peripheral applications.

Take the step with PVD and Me

Learn more about the most common PVD conditions which vary in progression, symptoms, diagnostics and treatment. Find out when to call a doctor and how patients are living with PVD today.
PVD and me

Download the Venous IVUS Tutor app

* Co-registration tools available within IntraSight 7 configuration via SyncVision

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