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Investing in America. Driving innovation.


In the U.S., Philips is pushing the boundaries of innovative healthcare technologies. With 20,000+ employees in 90 locations, we are focused on research and development as we look for gamechangers that have the potential to radically improve outcomes and costs in healthcare across the country, ultimately improving people’s lives. We believe there’s always a way to make life better.

Investing in people

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Our mission

Improving the lives of 3 billion people a year by 2025.


Breaking boundaries. Improving healthcare.


It’s true that healthcare has come a long way. Yet even the most advanced healthcare networks can be more integrated so that data is available and decisions can be made. That’s why Philips has longstanding collaborations with U.S.-based health systems, government, academia and industry partners to develop solutions that connect people, technology and data across the care continuum. At Philips, we believe health knows no bounds. And neither should healthcare.

Partnering with the VA and DoD




between Philips and the U.S. Military and Department of Veterans Affairs

35 percent

of critical care information systems deployed across the VA are supplied by Philips

50 percent

of all VA hospitals and Veterans Integrated Service Networks use Philips Imaging solutions

Philips supports the Military Health System mission to extend beyond combat medicine to:

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Healthcare delivery

Healthcare delivery

Private sector

Private sector

Public health

Public health

Research & Development

Research & development

Collaborating with leading health systems

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Philips is a focused global health technology leader working with public and private U.S. healthcare systems to push the boundaries of healthcare and advance technological innovations. Philips supports the largest and most advanced health systems in the world, including 100 percent of U.S. News & World Report “Honor Roll” hospitals. Over the last three years, Philips has pioneered long-term strategic partnerships with a combined value of more than $1 billion at six leading national health systems.


Through meaningful collaboration, we have developed solutions that are continually improving patient outcomes in areas such as genomic research, population health management and technological innovations that deliver ever-greater precision and minimally invasive interventions, moving clinicians closer to getting diagnosis and treatment right the first time.

Extending care beyond hospital walls


Through dedicated research, innovation and collaborations, Philips is achieving better outcomes and expanding access to care for our nation’s 20 million+ veterans and their families with customized telehealth solutions designed to help VA health systems achieve sustainable, market-leading results, while allowing care delivery when and where patients need it most.


Across the country, the VA is expanding use of telehealth with Philips eICU, delivering 24/7 remote monitoring of high-risk patients to ensure their health is managed between care episodes.

Lifeline aging patients

Philips Lifeline helps keep aging patients and those with chronic conditions healthier and more independent wtih wearable solutions that alert loved ones and providers when behavior deviates from the norm, so they can take appropriate action.

MRI Afghanistan

In 2011, Philips deployed the first MRI in the Afghanistan theater of operations, delivering three self-contained mobile MRI units to help clinicians detect signs of brain injury from the battlefield.

Navy CT imaging

In 2017, Philips began working with the U.S. Navy to deploy next-generation CT imaging technology in the field.

Philips cares


People directly impacted by Philips Cares, Philips Foundation, volunteer programs and community organizations in North America in 2016.


Philips is a proud supporter of

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Investing in America

Then 1933


In 1933, Philips opened its first U.S. office during the worst year of the Great Depression bringing jobs to America when unemployment reached an unprecendented 25%.



The U.S. is Philips’ largest market in the world accounting for more than $6 billion in revenue.


1/3 of global sales]


Manufacturing and R&D

45 percent

of Philips’ total global R&D (USD 1.9 billion or EUR 1.7 billion) is spent in the U.S.

25 percent

of Philips R&D employees and 33% of Philips manufacturing employees are based in the U.S.

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