Open a world of cloud-based collaborative care

What is CareCatalyst?

CareCatalyst is a solution stack comprised of bundled digital platform services from the Philips HealthSuite digital platform. It includes components for device connectivity, data ingestion, normalization and analytics while offering extensive security and privacy control. It allows the collection and integration of data from consumer and medical measurement devices, patient self-entry and integration with medical record systems.

Why CareCatalyst?
CareCatalyst enhances collaborative care between healthcare consumers and healthcare providers by collecting and connecting data across the health ecosystem including PHR, Consumer and Medical Devices, and EMRs.

Its open APIs facilitate access to a broad range of health data and faster development of applications to support different models of care delivery from healthcare consumer-centric care to population health management.
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CareCatalyst-enabled Diabetes Support Solution


A prototype connected health solution that enables people living with diabetes and their healthcare providers to make care decisions with greater confidence while managing the complexity of diabetes self care.

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Enhances collaborative care and speed to market


CareCatalyst makes it easy for health systems, institutions and affiliated care provider organizations to harness the power of Philips' cloud-based HealthSuite digital platform. With CareCatalyst providers can co-create integrated connected health solutions using the latest digital services to support patient and population health management programs.

CareCatalyst provides powerful resources for health device and application developers as well. It extends their digital propositions by securely aggregating and normalizing data from consumer health devices, wearables, mobile apps, electronic medical records, and clinical information systems. 



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