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Partnership and Innovation

A stronger healthcare system requires  bold new ways of working together

    Position your health system for a better future

    These are trying and turbulent times for health systems striving to deliver quality care at a sustainable cost. Leaders across the healthcare spectrum are collaborating with strategic partners to co-create innovative solutions. Learn how healthcare leaders from small independent hospitals to large integrated delivery networks are weathering the storm and are better positioned to proactively manage their organization's future.

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    Health systems face considerable challenges

    When faced with large, systemic challenges, health systems can choose to leverage
    long-term partnerships to help them achieve their short-and-longer range technical,
    clinical and business goals.
    When faced with large, systemic challenges, health systems can choose to leverage long-term partnerships to help them achieve their short-and-longer range technical, clinical and business goals.

    New challenges require new ways of working

    At Philips, we believe that effective partnerships can build pathways for organizations to improve and grow confidently and create innovative solutions that make a meaningful impact on patient care.

    Transitioning from a transactional to a shared accountability model fosters continuous engagement and commitment to outcomes.

    Traditional transactional model

    Health System and Strategic Partner
    For example: Equipment and service delivery with service-level agreements
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    Shared accountability model

    Health system/common goals/strategic partner
    Joint commitment to quality, efficiency and cost metrics. = value for patients

    Shared accountability

    Patient reaction
    For Marin Health in California, a partnership with Philips went beyond basic service level contracts, enabling successful growth and evolution through a model of shared risk and shared responsibility.

    Performance improvement

    Doctor and child
    Phoenix Children’s Hospital partnered with Philips to help serve children and their care teams by expanding access to advanced technology, products and consulting services.

    Ongoing predictability

    Doctors masked up
    At Miami Cardiac and Vascular Institute, a strategic partnership with Philips has established common goals to reduce variation and improve consistency in performance and outcomes.
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    As hospital leaders adapt to the changing healthcare landscape, they need partners who are proactive, responsive, and collaborative. Learn how we deliver innovative services that expand access to care, develop interoperable healthcare informatics platforms, and optimize clinical/operational workflows to improve patient care.

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    *Case study results are specific to the institution where they were obtained and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.