Philips Ventures has been recognized by industry peers over the years, and most recently was named the Most Prolific Corporate VC Investor in Rock Health’s Top 50 in Digital Health 2020.


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This is what some of the founders who have engaged with us over the years have to say:


“Philips Ventures is synonymous with acceleration and sharpening our main value proposition.” Fabian Kording, CEO, north medical


“With Philips Ventures’  early support, we’ve been able to rapidly grow in the digital health space building a transformative solution. In addition to investment capital, the Philips Remote Patient Monitoring Group found value in our solution and is a new customer this year.” 

Anjali Kataira, CEO, Mytonomy


“Philips was very open to share insights about medical device commercialization. This gave us the confidence to innovate our business model and growth strategy.”

Graham Randall, CEO, Noninvasix


“By working every week with Philips experts, we dramatically shortened the time from idea to product roadmap.”

Elizabeth Asai, CEO, 3Derm


“Philips gave us a framework and personalized advice to find and pursue the best commercialization path for our solution.”

James White, co-founder and president, Common Sensing

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