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    Meet the urgent challenges of hospital ICU capacity


    Hospitals and health systems in areas experiencing a sharp increase in COVID-19 cases must adapt to new stressors, from staffing issues to shortages of space and equipment. Philips is working to help address these challenges with a Ready Kit, allowing for rapid equipment deployment for ICU ramp-ups, helping care teams to quickly support patient monitoring capabilities.

    Already in use at medical centers across the country, the Ready Kit system combines Philips technologies to provide accurate patient monitoring data and can help you to set up new ICU monitoring within a day.
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    20 bed ICU package

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    20 MX450 ICU monitors

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    20 MMX Measurement servers

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    20 MicrostreamTM CO2

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    PIC iX central station

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    READY-to-go consumables

    Bed ICU package

    Learn how we can help you quickly scale up critical care patient monitoring capabilities.

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    Quickly scale up critical care patient monitoring capabilities

    Kits can ship from our factory quickly, allowing you to adapt your emergency management capabilities to meet increased patient loads. Philips provides remote technical and clinical support to aid in deployment, allowing hospital staff to focus on what matters most: patient care.
    REDI kits
    92% faster order to delivery

    READY Kits combine Philips technologies to:

    • Provide accurate patient monitoring data.
    • Bring the ICU anywhere a healthcare system needs it, in a matter of days.
    80% faster go-live time

    The Philips READY Kit is a pre-built, pre-configured solution that comes with:

    • Sturdy, portable PelicanTM case.
    • Complete step-by-step instructions to enable hospital staff to deploy in just a few hours.
    We are very excited as the READY-KIT-Mobile monitors were assembled in short order. We were impressed with the compact packaging of the monitors and since it is ideal for future use in any Emergency Management situation to be able to have the monitors safely and efficiently transported and fully assembled in a short period of time. The staff have all been trained on the monitors and are ready to receive patients in the Mobile Medical Unit. Thank you Philips for your partnership.

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    Regional Medical Center

    Other critical monitoring tools in managing COVID-19


    Philips IntelliVue Patient Monitors MX750/MX850 and IntelliVue Active Displays AD75/AD85 (linked) are critical in helping to manage COVID-19 with advanced technology and innovative features:


    • Reduces unnecessary exposure: Routine information can be accessed remotely, saving bedside care for more critical patient needs.   
    • Enables clinical decision-making: Horizon Trends shows deviations in patients’ vital signs. 
    • Helps reduce alarm fatigue: Alarm Advisor helps better manage and prioritize clinical alerts.
    • Enhanced connectivity: Pairs with a range of devices such as anesthesia machines and ventilatorsEnables cleaning and disinfection: Smooth surfaces, rounded edges and special surface material facilitates cleaning and disinfection of monitors and displays.

    Stringent safety controls

    We have also implemented stringent measures and protocols to ensure that our field service engineers can continue to support you in a safe way.

    Most searched products in COVID-19 healthcare

      Respironics Trilogy Evo Portable hospital-to-home ventilator

      Trilogy Evo  

      • Single limb (Passive, Active PAP, Active Flow), Dual limb, 15 hours battery life*
      • For patients 2.5kg and above
      • Bluetooth and Wifi,optional SpO2 and EtCO2 monitoring
      EarlyVue Vital signs monitor

      EarlyVue VS30

      • Bring notifications to the bedside
      • Put the flow in workflow
      • Monitor vital signs and more
      Incisive CT CT Scanner

      Incisive CT  

      • Elevates your business with Tube for Life guarantee
      • Delivers intelligence that adapts to you with OnPlan patient-side gantry controls
      • Brings predictability to an unpredictable world with Performance Bridge
      Affiniti Ultrasound system

      Affiniti 70

      • It understands your everyday
      • Designed for balance
      • Workflow meets wow

    Learn how we can help you quickly scale up critical care patient monitoring capabilities.

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    Compared to Philips' standard delivery time of 12-16 weeks. Average time for delivery is 7 days as of July 2020.

    2. Compared to Philips' standard go-live of 5-7 days upon arrival. Average time for go-live is 5 hours as of July 2020.