Get a more complete patient picture

IntelliSpace Genomics is an end-to-end platform that brings genomic data alongside disease histology and patient phenotype for a complete biomarker-informed diagnostic and therapeutic picture.

Implementing and scaling a precision medicine program is challenging

Clinical, imaging, pathology and genomic data exists in silos and it is difficult to bridge across the silos


Unify the whole patient picture. Our integrative, interoperable and intuitive interfaces surface comprehensive patient information - genomic profiling, alongside imaging, patient history, and anatomic pathology, as a way to more precisely match tailored treatments with the goal of improving patient outcomes.

There is no comprehensive, traceable, and reproducible reporting workflow for -omics and molecular data


Empower your workflow. Our comprehensive, customizable and compliant architecture provides the pathologist, oncologist and bioinformatician with intuitive workflow tools to help them rapidly sift through the information they need to make the most informed decisions.


Home-grown infrastructure requires large investment of resources and is not reliable and sustainable


Focus on patient care while we provide a secure, sustainable and scalable infrastructure built on Philips HealthSuite. Philips HealthSuite is a secure platform of services and applications for capturing and automatically linking patients' healthcare and lifestyle data including laboratory results, pathology images, clinical history, and more.


3 reasons to try IntelliSpace Genomics

Access a world of centralized and organized genomic and phenotypic data.
Develop personalized -omics profiles with multiple data types including SNVs, Indels, CNVs, fusions and methylation.
Make sense of results with clear, interactive, signal illuminating reports.
Patient Wheel

Patient-centric software application that enables precision care


In addition to complete clinical and phenotypic data, comprehensive molecular patient data is at the foundation of the best treatment and therapy plans. Clinicians are delivered literature references for each biomarker in the context of the disease sub type. The resulting reports are used to identify and prioritize therapies and potential clinical trials.

Beyond reporting


To keep pace with the rapid developments in the field of genomics, you need clinical workflow tools that are integrated with the evolving genomic evidence that is being generated everyday both inside your laboratory and in the broader community. IntelliSpace Genomics combines customizable pipelines with customizable pipelines with full traceability; and the ability to collaborate with your colleagues.

Progressive discovery


In the world of cancer research, information fuels innovation. Enjoy the confidence and convenience of having the most complete data presentation & visualization tools at every point in the care pathway. Accessible. Customizable. Reproducible. Shareable. Extensible. Open collaborative doors with an informatics application that helps you streamline your research process.

We're enabling precision medicine and powering genomics research

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Philips is helping us create molecular reports with an easy workflow.  We already depend on Philips imaging systems for radiology, and we’re excited to work with their Genomics solution."

Dr. John T Fallon

Director of Laboratories, Westchester Medical Center, and Chairman of Pathology, New York Medical College