Transform practitioner and patient experience with an integrated precision medicine program

Healthcare leaders know that precision medicine improves quality of care but face implementation obstacles. IntelliSpace Genomics offers an intergrated genomics solution that works for your entire healthcare organization.

Why invest in a precision medicine program?


Molecular data in the clinical setting can have transformative impact by reducing cost of care and improving outcomes. Increased efficiencies and accuracy in reporting molecular diagnostics are critical to achieve the results that patients, pathologists and oncologists demand.


- $604 million in annual savings among all patients when Panitumamab or Cetuximab is limited to metastatic colorectal cancer patients whose KRAS gene is not mutated.1


- 74% reduction in the risk of death or disease progression in melanoma patients with BRAF V600E mutation when taking targeted therapy compared to standard of care.2


- 75% increase in personalized medicine investment by industry from 2006-2011.3

Genomic data is entering the healthcare continuum


IntelliSpace Genomics enables you to implement, integrate and scale your precision medicine program to improve patient outcomes and differentiate your organization.

Full suite

Definitive Diagnosis: using multi-source diagnosis data to achieve personalized medicine


Choosing IntelliSpace Genomics means integrating molecular data into your existing data structure from day one.

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