Evaluate biomarker-informed therapies with Precision Navigator*

Our application provides genomic insights alongside clinical, imaging and pathology data.

* Available for early-access only


Comprehensive patient data at your fingertips

Use Precision Navigator to surface data that enables precise diagnostics and biomarker-informed therapeutic choices.

  • Seamless acquisition and visualization of genomic data with clinician-ready reports
  • Integration of genomic data with clinical, imaging and pathology data
  • Advanced tools to help determine effectiveness of Precision Medicine program and laboratory data

Access actionable information up-front


Get to actionable information faster. New evidence for targeted therapies and immunotherapies is being generated every day. Precision Navigator delivers prioritized biomarker-informed therapy and clinical trial matching with intuitive interfaces created by Philips award-winning design team.

Integrate patient data using one application


Every patient is unique. Our integrative platform brings high throughput genomic data (e.g., NGS, microarray, etc.) alongside traditional molecular diagnostics, disease histology and patient phenotype for a complete genomic-informed diagnostic and therapeutic picture.

Liquid Biopsy

Liquid biopsy and monitoring

Transform the management of cancer with liquid biopsy. Analysis of circulating tumor DNA (ctDNA) can improve monitoring and therapy options for late-stage and relapsed cancers. Precision Navigator displays genomic cancer markers and therapy changes as a timeline for a quick snapshot of a patient’s genomic record.
Outcome analytics

Population analytics for Learning Health System

Real world data can offer valuable insight. Deep learning on de-identified patient data, treatments and outcomes can help you understand visualize and understand your own data in new ways. Our integrated discovery framework provides you with tools to understand your practice data.

Molecular data in a clinical context allows oncologists to make better diagnostic decisions


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