Discover and report genomic findings on one application.


Our application combines the unrivaled clinical experience of Philips Healthcare with deep scientific and molecular genomics expertise to deliver up to date sequencing-based data with other patient data.

Bringing together multiple modalities for a complete molecular picture of the patient.

Our solution isn’t limited to any one type of molecular test or platform – We provide tools for a variety of sequencing techniques, copy number analysis, SNPs and are compatible with a variety of molecular tests. We are constantly developing and integrating new techniques as they are developed.

Integrative Genomics


We interface with SNV, Indels, CNV, fusion and methylation data to help clinicians determine treatment and therapy plans based on synoptic information.


Molecular Data Integration


Bring together sequencing, SNP array, FISH, and IHC data onto one platform.

Partnering with pathologists to deliver better patient care.


IntelliSpace Genomics is more than just a product. We're a partner committed to bringing genomic medicine into a clinical context.

What if you could bring together the power of evolving knowledge bases, genomics leaders and your own data?

Run your own pipelines

Import your own pipelines and leverage our technology framework that ensures full version tracking and provenance. Pipelines can be benchmarked, reproduced, and updated based on new data.

Curate and leverage your data


Create scalable future-proofed institutional knowledge bases that can merge past history with future results to ensure the most well-supported clinical decisions. The evolving evidence developed at your organization is fed back into your organizational database and is leverage for future analyses.

Collaborate with others

Connect all parties, remotely and securely, for greater collaboration within and between institutions. Bridge the communication gap between researchers and clinicians on all cases with software features that allow for contextual correspondence. IntelliSpace Genomics offers a 2nd opinion workflow that allows pathologists to collaborate seamlessly.

Scale your genomics efforts


Our cloud-based technology ensures that clinicians and researchers aren’t limited by technical constraints. The Philips Healthsuite Digital Platform is the best-in-class HIPAA compliant cloud architecture built for healthcare organizations. It integrates seamlessly with other Philips data sources (Virtual Health Record, digital pathology, radiology, and more) and external systems (i.e EMR, LIMS) bridging multiple data silos for more complete individual records and more precision care.