From molecular data to clinical impact

    What is IntelliSpace Genomics?

    IntelliSpace Genomics is an application built on Philips Healthsuite with workflows for pathologists, oncologists, and researchers. It streamlines collaboration, offers a comprehensive molecular picture, and delivers actionable reports for a better path towards precision care.

    Unify the whole patient picture with integrative, interoperable and intuitive interfaces

    genomics healthsuite


    • Built on Philips HealthSuite platform to medical device QMS and ISO14971:2012 standard
    • Secure authentication and authorization mechanisms
    • Encrypts data in transit, and at rest


    • Offers dependable mechanisms for automatic, secure, quality assured acquisition of clinical and genomic data
    • Secure short- and long-term storage for raw and processed genomic data


    • Builds new distributed instances of the pipelines and workflows that can meet sudden demand increase

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    Empower your workflow with comprehensive, customizable and compliant architecture



    • Role-based spaces for bioinformaticians, pathologists and oncologists


    • Host your own pipelines
    • Annotate with your knowledge base
    • Curate your knowledge base



    • Traceable, auditable, reproducible
    • HIPAA-compliant

    Focus on patient care and we'll provide secure, sustainable and scalable infrastructure    


    • Our integrative platform brings a variety of data to the pathologist's fingertips including radiology, pathology & multi-omics molecular data.


    • Genomic technology agnostic - we work with sequencing by synthesis, nanopore, semiconductor sequencing technologies, aCGH, ddPCR and more.


    • Philips award-winning design team has created intuitive interfaces that surface comprehensive patient information.

    Push forward on precision medicine


    Whether you’re a cancer researcher or clinician, IntelliSpace Genomics gives you access to exactly the right information, exactly when you need it. Come discover a breakthrough informatics application that offers fast, thorough, reproducible solutions with the power to change lives.