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Philips HealthSuite Digital Platform

The HealthSuite platform represents a new era in connected health and care for both patients and providers, as healthcare continues to move outside the hospital walls, and into our homes and everyday lives.


HealthSuite is an open, cloud-based platform that collects, compiles and analyzes clinical and other data from a wide range of devices and sources.

Philips is a healthcare leader


Philips has been working the clinical setting for over 100 years. With experience with over 240 million patients, at 40% of the hospital worldwide, we're uniquely poised to deliver a best-in-class genomics solutions.


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Connected care and health informatics
Philips is helping us create molecular reports with an easy workflow. We already depend on Philips imaging systems for radiology, and we're excited to work with their Genomics solution."

Dr. John T Fallon

Director of Laboratories, Westchester Medical Center, and Chairman of Pathology, New York Medical College