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The in-bore MRI: An ambient experience


Confined quarters and loud clanging. Sound familiar? Many people facing a MRI gantry have a certain amount of medical anxiety and the need for some professional handholding. The MRI experience can induce stress in patients, demand a misuse of staff time, and create inefficiencies that Philips knows you cannot afford in today’s healthcare environment. You need to integrate technology that works for your staff and patients alike. In the best-case scenario, you need to integrate an improved patient experience in everything you do.

But how?

At Beverly Hospital’s Lahey Outpatient Center in Danvers, the forward-thinking leadership in radiology and operations found that approximately 10-15% of patients are unable to complete their necessary MRI exams using their current technology. That’s when they turned to Philips for advanced imaging that considers patient satisfaction and staff efficiencies.


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An Ambient Experience MRI


The Philips In-bore Ambient Experience MRI technology integrates soothing music, lights, and imagery both in the room and through other visual effects, giving patients the opportunity to customize their experience.

State-of-the-art technology positions a video screen outside the MRI, while a mirror attached to the head gear lets patients focus on what’s playing on the screen instead of worrying about the exam, giving the sensation of more room as well as a visual distraction. Along with the Ingenia 1.5T S MR system, you get fast exams with image quality.


Ambient experience video

Benefits include efficiency improvements


The benefits of the Ambient Experience MRI include:


  • An interactive patient experience – patients can choose from a variety of video themes before they enter the scanner room
  • A multidimensional theatre effect with lighting, sound and video projection capabilities, even while the patient is in the scanner
  • A wider opening and shorter bore, providing substantially more space than a traditional MRI
  • More vertical space than an “open” bore scanner
  • Advanced noise reduction
  • Much faster scanning time
  • A weight limit of 550 pounds, to better serve bariatric patients


In-bore MRI is a win-win for all parties and many aspects of care, including your organization’s overall performance and budget.

In bore MRI is a win-win for all parties and many aspects of care, including your organization’s overall performance and budget.