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Make x-ray a priority, it’s worth it

Radiography is more than an image

General radiography studies account for about 74 percent of all radiology department procedures; contribute to 40 percent of radiation exposure;1 put the highest demands on the department’s infrastructure; and require the most staff. X-ray is often the start of a patient’s care journey and supports critical clinical decisions from prevention through treatment across the care continuum. It affects productivity, workflow and care team satisfaction. It’s more than equipment and more than an image. X-ray is an imperative.

X-ray is worth it.
Go digital. Go Philips.


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Customized x-ray solutions for your needs

Having the x-ray power you need, where you need it to maximize your investment starts with the needs and priorities you have today and those you anticipate in the future. Philips provides a range of digital radiography equipment, technology, services and software that are built to last, made to integrate and designed to optimize.

Community hospital

The needs of your patient population should drive the needs of your radiography practice. An analysis of patient demographics, scan demand and trends and utilization allows you to find the right x-ray mix and optimize your investment. 

Diagnostic imaging centers

Balancing clinical and operational priorities while growing your business requires equipment, support and expertise. Implementing tools that enhance workflow, optimize staff and improve patient experience will set you apart from the competition and increase referrals. 

Complex and connected challenges


The stability of radiography technology coupled with low reimbursement rates and new legislation has created a challenging dynamic for many care organizations:

Rapidly aging equipment may fail to meet the new technology requirements, but there is limited financial ability to upgrade. In addition, addressing one equipment need at a time can lead to a patch-work solution, missed opportunity and a cycle of inefficient radiography maintenance and upgrades into the future.

What radiography challenge(s) do you have?
We have seen a considerable decrease in our exposure doses while still keeping our high image quality.”

- Cynthia Hallas, Radiology Manager

Reimagine radiography with ease

Often the initial catalyst for upgrading x-ray systems is just the beginning. The journey from needs identification to installation can uncover an unexpected range of critical, complex and connected needs. A strategic approach that considers your unique, integrated system-wide care needs and financial requirements provides an approachable, easy-to-navigate path to change you can initiate today.



Needs assessment

Identification of needs based equipment lifecycle status, utilization trends, patient demographics, infrastructure and more. 

Customized solution proposal design

Equipment, services, technology & software mapped to your needs. 

Roadmap creation

Accountability driven action plan with key milestones and schedule. 




Onsite support and coordination of system installation. 


Education and support for staff. 

Lifecycle support

Timing and alerts so that your radiography practice aligns with your radiography needs. 


Award-winning imaging services to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime. 
One of the advantages of the Philips technology is the actual renovation of the space. The technology has allowed us to lower our overall cost and be profitable  at an earlier point.” 

- M. Steven Jones, President, UH Geauga Medical Center

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X-ray trends and insights

The extended impact of
  H.R. 2029 

As the aging population in the United States grows there is an increased risk for injury and other adverse events, creating higher patient volume and greater demand for x-ray. The standardization and improved patient safety that come with digital radiography address the changing dynamics of the patient population and provide a strong foundation for continuous improvement as the care landscape continues to evolve.
One in five people
13 Billion Dollars
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Digital radiography solutions

Manage dose, wait times and rescans. Improve workflow, care team satisfaction and throughput. Optimize your radiography footprint and investment. Bring x-ray excellence to your practice with digital radiography technology, services and software backed by more than 100 years of experience.


Access the advantages of application-driven post processing software that delivers consistently uniform clinical image quality for all anatomical regions.

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SkyFlow Plus  

Explore the ease and advantages of gridless workflow.

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Intuitive Eleva Platform

An easy to learn user interface available across all Philips x-ray solutions so you can focus on patients instead of technology.

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PerformanceBridge Practice

Elevate and enable your radiology department to tackle system-level challenges and drive system-level impact through PerformanceBridge Practice. From x-ray to MRI, workflow to throughput and resource management to infrastructure; technology, analytics and on-site professional services come together to power sustainable change in an accessible way.


Herrmann, T, et al. Best Practices in Digital Radiography. ASRT. 2012

Strotzer et al., “Routine Chest Radiography Using a Flat-Panel Detector: Image Quality at Standard Detector Dose and 33% Dose Reduction”, AJR 2002; 178:169-171

3 Albert M, McCaig LF, Ashman JJ. Emergency department visits by persons aged 65 and over: United States, 2009–2010. NCHS data brief, no 130. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. 2013