Support faster time to stroke diagnosis treatment


    Support faster time to treatment

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    Precision solutions that can help diagnose a stroke faster

    Our solutions focus on high-quality imaging results to drive timely and confident diagnostic decisions. They can deliver end-to-end data sharing across care teams and help improve workflow efficiency to get eligible stroke patients to treatment faster.

    Solutions that support your team and timely diagnosis

    IQon Spectral CT

    Spectral results 100% of the time1

    Detector-based spectral CT 7500 provides layers of rich results and improves tissue characterization and visualization. And with always-on spectral results, your team gains more information in every scan to make a quicker and more confident diagnosis.

    Discussion about the application automatically generates qualitative and quantitative information

    Assess blood flow with CT brain perfusion2

    The IntelliSpace Portal clinical portfolio offers a comprehensive suite of advanced 3D and graphical tools to help share clinical information to support diagnostic confidence and productive collaboration, including a longitudinal brain lesion tracker and smart ROI tools.

    SmartExam MR automatically plans and scans the patient after you shut the door to speed stroke MRI scans

    Increase speed and image quality

    Philips MR SmartSpeed teams up with artificial intelligence to increase scan time without compromising image fidelity. This innovative technology can improve patient and staff experience and boost diagnostic confidence.

    MR Diffusion-Perfusion helps physicians distinguish potentially reversible from irreversible ischemia

    Elevate neuro diagnostics

    Our dStream digital platform delivers a variety of MR Neuro applications that can help deliver a confident diagnosis, including EPI and TSE Diffusion, T2* Perfusion, Susceptibility Weighted Imaging (SWIp), Black Blood Imaging, 3D Arterial Spin Labelling (ASL), and 4D-TRANCE.

    Nico.Lab partnership

    Faster assessment and collaboration with Nicolab3

    Nicolab StrokeViewer lets entire stroke care teams quickly assess and share diagnostic results. The cloud-based stroke triage and management platform automatically detects large vessel occlusion on CTA images, which can speed up stroke triage. This can reduce imaging delays and improve inter-hospital transfer time for acute stroke patients.

    Let’s explore solutions to simplify your diagnostic processes.

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    Emergency care



    Connecting the dots across stroke management

    Discover how we are focusing on improving certainty and speed at critical moments in stroke care.

    Learn more about critical moments in stroke care management

    • Reduce uncertainty at first contact

      As a first responder, you need to decide if your patient might be experiencing a stroke and needs to be quickly taken to the right care. Our solutions connect you to stroke experts to support timely diagnostic and transfer decisions.

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    • Improve 24/7 lab performance

      Most strokes occur early in the morning or late at night. To make things easier for care teams, day and night, the Azurion neuro suite starts up quickly, is easy to use and provides extra procedural guidance.

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    1. Heit JJ et al. Perfusion computed tomography for the evaluation of acute ischemic stroke. Stroke 2016;47:1153-1158.

    2. Content sent via email is not for diagnostic use. This functionality available in IntelliSpace Portal version 12.

    3. This solution is not available in all countries. Consult your local Philips representative for more detailed information.

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