The Azurion neuro suite is designed to help your care team easily and confidently perform stroke interventions


Improve treatment outcomes

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Speed up treatment of eligible stroke patients

From the moment a stroke alert comes in, your neuro lab must be ready quickly to help you work smoothly during hectic, acute cases. With Philips Azurion Neuro suite, your care team can easily and confidently perform stroke interventions – day or night. And focus on what's important: your patient. 

The right solution at the right moment for stroke interventions

Your stroke team can be called in any time, day or night. Our Azurion Neuro suite is designed to support you, especially when you need to stay focused during night cases or are working with staff at different skill levels.

Azurion acute stroke

A treatment room designed to make things easier for your stroke team


reduction in in-lab preparation time supported by ProcedureCards¹

Azurion Neuro suite

The majority of stroke cases come at night when care teams may be less experienced or just plain tired.²,³ Philips Azurion Neuro suite provides quick start-up, intuitive controls and efficient multi-tasking to keep procedures moving. Designed to reduce distractions and improve confidence during challenging stroke interventions.

Discover the ease of Azurion Neuro suite.

The smart CT solution simplifies 3D aquisition with step by step guidance that empowers clinical users to easly perform 3D imaging

Easily perform 3D imaging at tableside to enhance stroke interventions


of users found that controlling SmartCT is intuitive and easy to learn⁴



SmartCT 3D visualization and measurement solution

This solution simplifies 3D acquisition with step-by-step guidance that empowers clinical users⁵ to easily perform 3D imaging.⁴ Once acquired, 3D images are automatically displayed within seconds⁶ on the touchscreen module, where you can easily control and interact with advanced 3D visualization and measurement tools. This is ideal for incidental 3D users or on-call staff that support stroke interventions.

Discover simplified 3D imaging.

Philips Neuro Azurion Smart CT

Improve the workflow of neurovascular procedures with Philips Azurion and SmartCT

Watch on as clinical leaders share their experiences with Philips Azurion with SmartCT (3D imaging). From industry leading image quality to timesaving and dose management. And from enhanced confidence in planning and workflows to better patient outcomes. The neurovascular team of Klinikum Rechts der Isar in Munich provides valuable insights on the advantages of the Azurion image guided system during diagnosis and minimally invasive treatment of neurovascular diseases. 

If you would like to hear more from your peers, discover what clinical experts have to say about our Neuro suite solutions.

Azurion with StrokeViewer

Azurion with StrokeViewer at table-side

Collaboration with Nicolab8

Nicolab’s StrokeViewer is integrated into Azurion imaging platform via ConnectOS. 

Interact with StrokeViewer from Azurion at table-side without breaking scrubs to streamline treatment planning.

StrokeViewer reduces the 20% initial undetected LVOs9, allowing more patients to be treated with EVT.

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Emergency care



Connecting the dots across  stroke management

Discover how we are focusing on improving certainty and  speed at critical moments in stroke care

Learn about other critical stroke moments

  • Reduce uncertainty at first contact

    As a first responder, you need to decide if your patient might be experiencing a stroke and needs to be quickly taken to the right care. Our solutions connect you to stroke experts to support timely diagnostic and transfer decisions.

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  • Support fast time to treatment

    Diagnosing an ischemic stroke takes experience and time. Time you don't have. To save time, we speed up imaging results and automate detection of LVO on CTA images.

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1.The results achieved in this first Azurion lab performance study (2017) have been verified by an independent third party. Results are specific to the institution where they were obtained (St. Antonius hospital, Nieuwegein, The Netherlands) and may not reflect the results achievable at other institutions.

2.52% out of office hours: UK study. N = 45000, (Campbell, J. T., Bray, B. D., Hoffman, A. M., Kavanagh, S. J., Rudd, A. G., Tyrrell, P. J., & Intercollegiate Stroke Working Party (2014). The effect of out of hours presentation with acute stroke on processes of care and outcomes: analysis of data from the Stroke Improvement National Audit Programme (SINAP). PloS one, 9(2), e87946.

3.60% out of office hours: Scotland study N = 52000, (Turner M, Barber M, Dodds H on behalf of the Scottish Stroke Care Audit, et al. Stroke patients admitted within normal working hours are more likely to achieve process standards and to have better outcomes. Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery & Psychiatry 2016;87:138-143.)

4.Evaluated with clinical users in a simulated lab environment with a total of 17 teams consisting of a physician and a radio-tech with different levels of experience.

5.The user level of expertise required is described in the Intructions for Use as the Intended Operator Profile. 

6.3D reconstructions at higher resolution settings may take longer times.

7.StrokeViewer is a trademark of Nicolab

8.This solution is not available in all countries. Consult your local Philips representative for more detailed information.

9.Fasen et al Neuroradiology 2022

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