Connect with an expert to learn about how you can perform orthopedic surgeries with confidence and precision.

Orthopedic solutions

Improve clinical outcomes in orthopedic surgery with precise 
and personalized treatment.

    Our orthopedic solutions can support you with:

    • Enhanced clinical confidence even during challenging procedures 
    • Superior image quality providing clear vision of the anatomical structures 
    • Enable OR efficiency minimizing procedure time 
    • Improved staff and patient safety with low dose imaging 

    Key capabilities

    Achieve clinical and operational goals in the OR with high-quality visualization

    • High quality imaging with low X-ray dose
    • Effective in complex cases such as patients with high BMIs or metal implants, without dose-impact 
    • Precise planning and effective device guidance to accurately place pedicle screws in spine procedures 
    • Easy-to-use solutions that allow for improved communication and unified workflows 
    • Increased first-time-right positions during repositioning tasks

    Respond to the increasing need for quality visualization and OR efficiency in orthopedic surgery.

    • Increasing patient volumes and staff shortages are putting a strain on OR efficiency.
    • Aging populations are increasingly suffering from complex orthopedic conditions. 
    • Minimally invasive procedures in every area of orthopedic surgery trauma, spine, hip, knee, foot and ankle are confronted with a rise in obesity

    Demonstrated results with
    our orthopedic solutions:

    ~90% X-ray dose reduction for certain anatomies


    Get up to 90% reduction in x-ray dose for certain anatomies by selecting clinically optimized acquisition protocols from the wide range of dose-frame combinationsRead the whitepaper about our commitment to managing dose to patients and staff alike.

    94% First-time positioning during repositioning tasks


    94% First-time positioning during repositioning tasks with Position Memory. See all the Orthopedic technologies offered on Zenition

    94% First-time-right positioning during repositioning tasks


    94% First-time positioning during repositioning tasks with Position Memory. See all the Orthopedic technologies offered on Zenition

    45% less miscommunication among team members


    The Zenition Series offerings help increase OR performance including 45% less miscommunication among team members during positioning tasks through our Unify workflow communication aids. Download the product brochure for all the features and benefits.

    Learn about the features and benefits of all of the Philips Zenition C-arms imaging systems

    Zenition 70

    Zenition 70 mobile C-arm with Flat Detector


    Experience exceptional imaging clarity and flexibility for performing a wide variety of orthopedic cases with our fourth generation Flat Detector systems.

    Zenition 50

    Zenition 50 mobile C-arm with Image Intensifier


    Point-and-shoot simplicity and reliable uptime make these the ideal systems for intensive use across diverse orthopedic procedures.

    Doctor orthopedics

    Mobile C-arms for orthopedics



    Perform orthopedic cases with ease and confidence using Philips Zenition mobile C-arm imaging systems, offering proven ease of use and future-fit capabilities.

    Eric Slotkin

    “Philips Zenition specifically has provided me with better efficiency, better image quality, better surgical outcomes, and better knowledge of exactly what is happening during and after the case. It’s been good for my institution, it’s been good for my staff, and most importantly it’s been good for my patients.”

    Dr. Eric Slotkin,
    Board-Certified Orthopedic Surgeon, ​
    The Surgical Institute of Reading (Reading, PA)

    Dr Slotkin Surgery


    Customer story

    Better surgical outcomes and benefits to patients


    High-quality imaging with low X-ray dose and improved efficiency gives orthopedic surgeons better knowledge of what happens before, during, and after a procedure. Hear Dr. Slotkin explain how Philips imaging solutions have helped his institution advance for better outcomes and patient care in orthopedic surgery.

    X-ray imaging


    Customer story

    How our innovative technologies ensure a lower X-ray dose

    Strategies to reduce radiation exposure to patients and medical staff are increasingly important in the healthcare community. Philips Zenition DoseWise technology ensures a lower X-ray. dose during procedures with up to 90% reduction in the X-ray dose.


    1. Data on file. Rosink H. Dose management Zenition 50/70. DHF335436. Internal technical paper. Philips Healthcare. January 2019.

    2. Data was presented during the EUROSPINE Annual Meeting 2022 by Dr. Scarone, Neurosurgeon from the University of Southern Switzerland, Lugano, Switzerland.

    3. Results obtained during user tests performed in November 2013 by Use Lab GmbH, an independent company. The tests involved 30 USA based clinicians (15 physicians teamed up with 15 nurses or X-ray technicians), who performed simulated procedures using Philips mobile X-ray systems in a simulated OR environment. None of them had worked with each other before. 

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