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IntelliSpace PACS Advanced Mammography

Diagnostic mammography

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Streamline the review of your diagnostic mammography studies with IntelliSpace PACS Advanced Mammography. Fast, automated image presentation and manipulation improves reading efficiency and enhances clinical decision-making.

Single-read and double-blind reading workflow

Single-read and double-blind reading workflow facilitates compliance

IntelliSpace PACS Advanced Mammography helps you meet compliance requirements by supporting both single-read and double-blind reading workflow. For single-read workflow, one reader determines the image score as positive or negative, potentially with the support of CAD. With double-blind reading, multiple readers score the images. Discrepancies are signaled and appear in a worklist for resolution.
Hanging protocols || Facilitates compliance

Hanging protocols

Automatically and correctly display images from a variety of sources - including multiple vendors and external centers - with our range of hanging protocols. Priors are quickly pulled using Philips iSyntax "just-in-time" delivery technology, giving you a complete overview of patient data.
Ergonomically designed keypad || Simplifies workflow

Ergonomically designed keypad for easy image manipulation

This unique keypad automates routine functions and allows you to manipulate images quickly and easily.
Automated hanging selection || Simplifies workflow

Automated hanging selection saves you time

The system automatically selects the correct hangings for studies with and without priors. Automated alignment optimizes left-right symmetry.
Auto-scaling || Simplifies workflow

Auto-scaling improves reading efficiency

The system automatically scales images from current and prior studies to match sizes, improving diagnostic efficiency. It also automatically reduces background and scales breast tissue to optimally fit the screen, reducing zooming interactions.

Discover IntelliSpace PACS Radiology with Advanced Mammography

Achieve clinical excellence through quick, easy access to patient’s comprehensive records. Philips IntelliSpace PACS Radiology with the Advanced Mammography package enables radiologists to read 3D mammograms and provides a single point of access for a holistic view of your patient’s medical history.
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More visibility. Less searching for studies.


Our IntelliSpace PACS Radiology Workspace Solution is based on a fundamental understanding of radiology workflow, it helps you achieve your goal of high quality patient care, while also delivering advanced efficiency tools — so that valuable time is spent solving diagnostics challenges, not navigating software.