IntelliSpace Radiology with Advanced Mammography Diagnostic mammography

IntelliSpace Radiology with Advanced Mammography

Diagnostic mammography

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Achieve clinical excellence through quick, easy access to patient’s comprehensive records. Philips IntelliSpace Radiology with the Advanced Mammography package enables radiologists to read 3D mammograms and provides a single point of access for a holistic view of your patient’s medical history.

All your patient’s studies in one place

All your patient’s studies in one place

The Advanced Mammography package features robust progressive diagnostic hanging protocols, allowing for more insightful comparisons.
Enhanced performance handles more data

Enhanced performance handles more data

Digital breast Tomosynthesis can be displayed for the radiologist in three seconds or less. This fast image loading prevents struggling with large studies slowing down, crashing, or overloading your system. Philips offers performance warranty up to 2GB for large study sizes.
Tools for customization

Tools for customization

Multiple tools are available to improve efficiencies, such as customizable dynamic keyboard shortcuts to enhance the diagnostic review process.

Trends in breast imaging IT strategy

This Signify Research white paper presents a case for establishing new standards and reshaping the diagnostic practices for breast care. How do you fully integrate detection and diagnosis into broader imaging software and patient records? The research summarizes the main trends and the technology shaping the evolution of breast detection and diagnosis. How can healthcare providers work with their imaging informatics vendors to create a strategy to be ready for the new era of breast care?

A comprehensive solution to meet your evolving needs

IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution helps you meet the changing needs of your enterprise by offering you solutions beyond your PACS needs. Designed to improve the quality of care while reducing its cost, IntelliSpace Enterprise Imaging Solution leverages our deep clinical expertise, purposeful innovation, and dedication to partnership.