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Ingenia MR-OR

Intraoperative magnetic resonance system

Ingenia MR-OR intraoperative MRI delivers high-quality images during neurosurgical procedures. It helps you gain up-to-date insight on surgical progress and tumor resection to support confident intraoperative decisions and update neuronavigation. The solution supports smooth, in-line patient transfer between the operating room and the Philips Ingenia MR system, with minimal procedure time added. Moreover, it lets you preserve your OR set-up for efficient neurosurgical workflows. Thanks to versatile configuration options, Ingenia MR-OR supports high utilization, while driving cost-effectiveness and flexibility.

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Make informed surgical decisions thanks to intraoperative MRI


Maximizing the extent of brain tumor resection during initial neurosurgery can make a critical difference to lowering recurrence and to your patient’s prognosis.


Intraoperative MR images help you understand the extent of tumor resection and see critical structures. This aids you counter the issue of brain shift and make timely adjustments to your operating strategy.

The clear benefit is that in cases where the MR-OR setup helps to visulize an incomplete resection, we can immediately address the issue using updated navigation data and thus avoid a second surgery. In addition, the final intra-operative MR replaces the post-operative one that we used to perform.


Dr. Conor Mallucci, Neurosurgeon, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, Liverpool, UK.

Elevate Neuro diagnostics:


70% of radiologists consider neuro indications to be challenging, mostly due to a lack of appropriate imaging and visualization techniques¹. Philips aims to provide the best possible diagnostic clarity and treatment guidance for all patients with neurological disorders.


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