QLAB Vascular ultrasound quantification software

QLAB vascular analysis

Vascular ultrasound quantification software

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QLAB data analysis software offers insight that drives clinical decisions. Ultrasound image visualization tools help drive decisions to allow for high quality patient care. On or off-cart viewing enables enhanced department workflow efficiencies.

CMQ Stress

CMQ Stress

Based on 2D speckle tracking technology, CMQ Stress provides a method for assessing global, regional, and local cardiac function at rest and peak exercise. Its fast and easy‐to‐use interface is designed specifically for stress echo exams.
Vascular Plaque Quantification

Vascular Plaque Quantification to quantify atherosclerosis

Vascular Plaque Quantification is a non-invasive tool that uses 3D technology to visualize and quantify both the overall volume of vascular plaque in the carotid artery and the percent area of vessel reduction, as well as other characteristics of plaque composition. VPQ may prove to be a valuable tool to aid in determining who is at an increased risk of stroke or cardiovascular disease based on this important measurement of plaque buildup in the carotid artery.
Automated 2D Cardiac Quantificationᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ (a2DQᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅)

Automated Cardiac Motion Quantificationᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ (aCMQᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅)

Automated Cardiac Motion Quantificationᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅(aCMQᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅) with ZeroClick technology for adult echo.The ZeroClick technology of the Automated Cardiac Motion Quantificationᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ (aCMQᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅) uses speckle mechanics to provide reproducible 2D Global Longitudinal Strain (GLS) speckle measurements. A proven EF is also calculated by using the Auto-ROI that drives the automation within the aCMQᴬ⋅ᴵ⋅ Q-App.