CX50 xMATRIX

    Compact cardiovascular ultrasound system

    Premium technologies bring a new level of image quality to compact ultrasound so performance isn't sacrificed for portability. Designed for critical study requirements and big system performance everywhere you need it.

    Premium technologies bring a new level of image quality to compact ultrasound so performance isn't sacrificed for portability. Designed for critical study requirements and big system performance everywhere you need it.

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    Premium imaging performance on technically difficult patients

    Premium imaging performance on technically difficult patients

    PureWave technology, originally available only on ourpremium cart-based systems, has been integrated into theCX50 xMATRIX system. The exceptional performance ofthe PureWave transducer technology results in improveddiagnostic confidence, especially on technicallydifficult patients.
    PureWave || Premium performance everywhere

    Diagnostic Excellence

    Extreme performance is built into the CX50 system, making portable echo studies easier than ever. Philips has migrated clinically proven premium technologies to a highly mobile platform. The system adapts to your workflow, with intuitive tools designed around your needs, whether you’re in the critical care unit, at the bedside, or at a remote location. The result is echo on the go with ease of use, exceptional image quality, and sophisticated analysis.
    Wireless & wired DICOM || Breakthrough workflow solution

    Wireless & wired DICOM for connectivity in any environment

    The CX50 system features a high resolution monitor for excellent viewing in the most difficult portable environments, and fast system start-up allows you to quickly begin your studies. Wireless and wired DICOM allow flexibility when connecting to your PACS. You can also export your data by DVD and USB media with integrated DICOM viewer.
    QLAB quantification software || Breakthrough workflow solution

    QLAB quantification software to expand diagnostic information

    The CX50 offers assessment and analysis capabilities with QLAB’s Q-Apps: Cardiac motion quantification with speckle tracking technology (CMQ), Mitral Valve Quantification (MVN), Intima media thickness evaluation (IMT) and Region of interest (ROI)

    SmartExam reduces exam time by up to 50%*

    SmartExam protocols are easy-to-use customizable guides that help you perform complete studies on every patient. The on-screen menu guides you through the required views for a specific exam type, automatically enters annotation, and builds your report. Save time, reduce repeated moves, and increase efficiency and consistency of exams.
    Digital broadband beamforming || Premium performance everywhere

    Premium echo for interventional cardiology

    As a recognized leader in echocardiography, Philips continually advances the science with innovations and breakthrough technologies that extend the application of ultrasound to new clinical areas. Now premium performance is available on a portable system designed for the cath lab and hybrid OR.
    Portable ultrasound

    Portable ultrasound when fast action is needed

    Getting clear diagnostic data from portable exams is complicated by many factors. Now you can have the image quality you need for diagnostic confidence wherever you need it. Take the CX50 to your patients – in the surgical suite, CCU and ICU, at satellite clinics and screening events, in the ED and OR, and in the NICU or PICU. The CX50’s image quality makes it the ideal choice for your critically ill patients, where space and equipment limit access, and quick responses are needed.
    Extreme imaging

    Extreme imaging for surgery

    The CX50 system is ideal for many operating environments. Its size, maneuverability, ease of operation, and premium imaging performance are a great fit. Live 3D TEE and comprehensive quantification provide tools for planning, monitoring and assessing cardiac surgeries.

    SonoCT brings a new level of image quality

    SonoCT is a clinically-proven premium technology that acquires up to nine lines of sight and combines the individual images into one well-defined image in real time. SonoCT displays striking levels of tissue differentiation that are virtually free of artifact.
    On cart configuration

    On cart configuration for easy mobility

    The CX50 cart allows for easy mobility and effortless maneuverability throughout the hospital. The system and cart are combined ergonomically into one unit that is slim, lightweight and height adjustable. It can be swiveled and locked so you are set up quickly everywhere you need premium performance. It’s the solution for your patient exams in confined areas, such as the CCU and bedside.
    XRES || Premium performance everywhere

    Premium performance for Pediatrics

    There are many challenges caring for patients in the NICU and PICU, but having access to premium performance echo is not one of them. You can easily maneuver the compact CX50 system around the bedside, crib, or isolette without interfering with support equipment.
    Carrying your CX50 anywhere

    Carrying your CX50 anywhere

    For situations that call for the ultimate in portability, the CX50 is a fully functional laptop-sized ultrasound system with an integrated handle for easy carrying. Now you can navigate with a new level of utility, and take premium performance where fast responses are needed.
    Convenient travel case

    Convenient travel case for scanning at remote locations

    The CX50 system is the ideal solution for multiple-site support. With its convenient travel case, you can easily take the CX50 to distant clinical locations. Now clinical staff can support satellite offices, screening events, and mobile services with premium imaging.
    The gold standard for security

    The gold standard for security

    Philips recognizes the importance of securing your ultrasound system and protecting your patient data. The security feature is a defense-in-depth strategy that comprises five layers: firewall, operating system hardening, malware protection, access controls and patient data encryption. Each of these layers plays an important role in helping you thwart hackers, defend against malware, and prevent unauthorized access.

    Find the right transducer for your system


    Ergonomic and lightweight, our broad range of transducers is available in multiple configurations, enabling better penetration with less artifacts. Learn more about our full range of transducers below, and detailed instructions on care and maintenance.


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    Lumify - App-based ultrasound, ready where you are


    Exceptional portable ultrasound from your smart device Philips' ultrasound app brings diagnostic capabilities to your compatible smartphone or handheld device.


    Experience Portable Ultrasound

    Philips Lumify Portable Ultrasound Solution
    • * Saving time while increasing revenue. University of Colorado Hospital increased productivity with efficient protocol driven ultrasound exams ; 2007 April.