IntelliVue Smart-hopping Network Wireless network

IntelliVue Smart-hopping Network

Wireless network

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The proprietary Philips IntelliVue Smart-hopping WMTS Network operates in the 1.4 GHz band, providing bidirectional communication between IntelliVue devices and the IntelliVue Information Center.

Hospital-wide coverage || Stable connection

Hospital-wide coverage

IntelliVue Smart-hopping allows several users to share the same frequency by dividing the signal into different time slots, supporting a capacity of up to 1024 devices.
Deterministic roaming for peak perfor... || Scalable system

Deterministic roaming for peak performance

IntelliVue Smart-hopping determines when and where to roam, considering retry errors and signal strength to deliver excellent performance.
Intelligent radio provides a “smart h... || Scalable system

Intelligent radio provides a “smart hop”

IntelliVue Smart-hopping is based on a cognitive radio signal which “hops” to a new frequency and time slot when interference is detected, providing excellent signal-to-noise performance.
Enhanced confidentiality || Scalable system

Enhanced confidentiality of patient data

IntelliVue Smart-hopping uses a proprietary protocol and avoids transmission of patient identifiers across the wireless interface, helping to keep patient information confidential.
Bi-directional communication || Scalable system

Bi-directional communication for extra functionality

IntelliVue Smart-hopping features bi-directional communication to allow clinical features such as “Find Device,” “Device Location,” and “Control Clinical Measurements” to enhance clinical functionality of IntelliVue patient monitors.