Advanced Visualization

IntelliSpace Portal 10

Advanced Visualization

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IntelliSpace Portal 10 helps you address imaging challenges and aim for definitive diagnosis.

Driving improved treatment and care

Driving improved treatment and care

Delivering systems that support confident diagnosis, informed treatment decisions and, ultimately, enhancing care.
Supporting appropriate imaging and treatment

Supporting appropriate imaging and treatment

Helping you optimize operational and clinical pathways and care delivery to reduce variation, facilitate appropriate utilization and improve patient experience.
Simplifying data and insight gathering

Simplifying data and insight gathering

Connecting patient data across departments to create interoperability for greater clinical intelligence.
Developing future-proof innovations

Developing future-proof innovations

A constantly-updated platform with enhancements and innovation to support diagnostic confidence and productive collaboration, aligned with other Philips groups roadmap.
Reducing costs

Reducing costs

Helping you maximize your resources to improve productivity through performance, efficient workflows and machine learning.

Making visualization tangible    

Create and export 3D models optimized for 3D printing    

“The importance of sharing information in healthcare is extreme. The Portal is that connecting piece.”  

Richard Towbin, M.D., Division Chief of Radiology, Phoenix Children's Medical Group


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Advanced Visualization as a Service (AVaaS)* from Philips


Advanced visualization as a Service is an all in one service solution with the latest IntelliSpace Portal technologies and services at an all-inclusive monthly cost. Engage in a long-term partnership through our subscription based financing model, with modality or domain based packaging. Consult your Philips representative for further interest, or submit your interest via the conus button on this page.


*Availability of options may vary per market

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