Core Precision guided therapy system


Precision guided therapy system


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The Core precision guided therapy system allows you to have iFR, FFR and IVUS modalities on a single platform.¹ Core helps provide clarity in your approach and gives you confidence in your decisions.

One system, many choices
One system, many choices

One system, many choices

Core supports a full suite of imaging and physiology analysis tools including FFR lesion assessment, iFR modality, digital and rotational IVUS and Pioneer Plus IVUS for peripheral procedures.
True convenience

True convenience

Always on and ready for use when you need it. Only Philips offers the plug-and-play simplicity of digital IVUS and the hyperemia-free iFR modality with touchscreen control from the sterile field to get to your answers faster.⁵,⁶


Core delivers an easy-to-use interface for guided workflows and uniform controls to simplify training. Convenient measurements and labeling tools are available to document your findings. Core also offers a streamlined workflow with DICOM Worklist for patient data transfer. You can archive your results via DICOM store, DVD, or printout.⁵,⁷
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