10 lead ECG Trunk AAMI/IEC 2m Trunk Cable

10 lead ECG Trunk AAMI/IEC 2m Monitoring patient cable sets, lead system

Trunk Cable


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shielded 10 lead (5+5) ECG trunk cable, AAMI/IEC 2m with 12 pin ECG input connector for connection to 5 lead telemetry leadset to IntellliVue patient monitor. Trunk can be used for either color code system. 1 trunk cable per bag. Cable length - 2m. Replaces older trunk cable: M1949A. Use with new leadsets: M1968A, M1976A, M1644A, M1602A, M1973A, M1979A, M1971A, M1978A, M1645A, M1604A, M1974A, M1984A. AAMI and IEC labels included.